Princess Diana sat for 35 hours over the course of 30 sittings for this ‘rare’ portrait

Princess Diana sat for 35 hours over the course of 30 sittings for this ‘rare’ portrait

“Very rare” paintings Diana, Princess of Wales Prince Charles’ ex-wife was exhibited in London for the first time after being recently sold at auction.

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This oil sketch shows a former member of the British royal family looking down in a pensive mood. This was a formal full-body “preparatory survey” by American artist Nelson Shanks, completed in 1994, almost three years before Diana’s tragic death in a car accident in Paris.

It became a hot topic in January of this year when it was sold at the Sotheby’s auction for $ 201,600 (1,59,16,501 Indian Rupees).

According to the Philip Mold and Company website, the London-based art gallery is exhibiting paintings at the Masterpiece London Art Fair from June 30th to July 6th. “Princess” was performed as “seeking evacuation from the turmoil of publicity attending a boring marriage with Prince Charles.”

Diana’s mother for the painting Prince WilliamDuke of Cambridge, and Prince HarryDuke of Sussex — Sit 30 times in Shanks’ London studio, sit for 35 hours and become close friends with him and his wife Leona. The princess even confessed in her letter, “… coming to the studio was a safe haven and full of her love and support.”

Diana Very fashionable And in this picture, she can be seen wearing Catherine Walker’s green velvet halter dress. According to her website, she was filmed by Mario Testino wearing the same dress in the June 1997 issue. Vanity FairAnd it was included in 2017 at an exhibition on Diana’s fashion heritage, “Diana: Her Fashion Story at Kensington Palace.”

Her personal life was in turmoil when she was painting — the divorce with Prince Charles became a national obsession, and the press said she had an extramarital relationship. I accused him of having it. However, “Diana was able to commit her heart to the sitting of the portrait.”

Therefore, this painting is said to skillfully capture both her “foreigner” and “inner”.

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