Raise Your Vibes With These 16 Ideas For Decorating With Crystals

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Using decorative crystals jewelry Helping to enhance your mood around your home is not a new habit, but many of us have discovered the benefits of these gorgeous stones, so they have won their place in the mainstream. Interior design trends..Whether you want a witchy atmosphere in your space or just keep things bright and natural, you could have one or two decorative stuff. crystal It will add a peaceful element to your space. So why we love these 16 ideas for displaying decorative crystals everywhere in your home — here’s the crystal atmosphere of all design styles.

Crystal grid

We are completely obsessed with the idea of ​​using crystal grids to take wall art games to the next (more mysterious) level. Metaphysically speaking, the crystal grid amplifies the power of each gem to create a harmonious balance between the hearth and the house.

Rose quartz sink

If you really want to get rid of the negative atmosphere, why not do your best with real Rose Quartz bathroom appliances?There are actually some semi-affordable Rose quartz sink There, and we can’t imagine a calmer, healing environment for you Self-care training.

Succulent garden

How adorable are these succulents, especially if they are on display in crystal or gemstone planters? Dedicate a happy and sunny little corner of your home to your plant and crystal children.

Aura Quartz Crystals are technology-enhanced to iridescent colors, yet they do not diminish their ability to promote a positive atmosphere. We love this cute little rainbow themed arrangement — put it near your workspace or Home office WFH, on the other hand, helps bring light to work.

Crystal coaster

from Etsy To AnthroMany retailers offer luxurious agate coasters in different colors. This is arguably the most beautiful way to prevent a ring of moisture from your coffee table.

Dedicated shelf

Add a texture or sculptural interest to the wall art by installing small shelves just to display points, geodes and agate. Bonus points for creating color schemes such as ROYGBIV and ombre patterns.

Necklace holder DIY

Take out some basic tools and DIY this stunning necklace display with the little crystal you have.More lines to display the best jewelryBetter.

Crystal terrarium

Who said that terrariums are for plants only? They are also ideal for introducing you to the most sparkling and most mysterious pieces of gems. These are the most aesthetically pleasing curiosities we have ever encountered.

Functional part

Need a little functional part to hold your match or serve as a bookend? Check and Check — Decorative crystals can do both.

Suncatcher mobile

Using crystals on your mobile phone has the bonus effect of directing light throughout the room and creating a cascading “fairy” that glitters around the space. There is nothing more magical than that.

Photo stand

Try this handy and creative DIY. This includes making your photos stand out with small crystals and gold wires. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their smallest and most valuable photos, such as old black and white candidates and modern Polaroids.

Candle holder

Another easy way to decorate with crystals? Spring for some quartz candle holders. The combination of gorgeous scented candles and stunning jewels is sure to enhance your mood.

Crystal garland

Looking for a way to add a colorful background behind you Desk space Or on your bed? Crystal Garland should do the trick.

Treasure tray

Track your most beautiful belongings with a small treasure tray made of your favorite crystals. These are great for living on a dresser, vanity, or desk.

Statement table

Make a big statement with this stunning crystal table and enhance the atmosphere of your home! Such works are ideal for covered porch, hallway table, accent table.

Moon shelf

Bring the mysterious spirit of the moon into the environment with crescent-shaped shelves to display all your favorite gems.Think about what you can do Charge the crystal With moonlight, this is definitely appropriate.

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