Raknida is shaping the future of art in Africa with tech


Imagine a world where the artwork on your wall moves and you can talk to you …

Well, you don’t have to. Raknida has already brought the world to your home!

Created by Insecta Studios, Raknida (pronunciation’Lac Kneader‘) Inspires people, supports the economic progress of young African artists, combines art and technology experience to open up unique opportunities for everyone in the world, high quality and affordable An art tech online marketplace whose mission is to provide wall art.

In a conversation with CEO Anthony’Anth’ Ezeokoye, he described Raknida as “building the future of Wall Art.”

Studies show that space affects people’s emotions, energy, and even their lives. For example, dark places make people feel small, and minimalist-decorated rooms help people think clearly. Similarly, visual arts, like music, can inspire, connect, move people to achieve their goals, transform the whole, and much more. Following this psychology, Lakunida is helping people create spaces to improve their lives.

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Amplification of African art through technology and collaboration

“I’m an architect and an artist,” Anse said. “I straddle the world of both art and science for most of my life. One of the most fascinating aspects of technology for me is how to make art scalable.”

For example, in the global music industry, there was a time when music was completely localized because artists could only play live. The growth of their careers at the time was largely dependent on the artist’s ability to perform over and over again in different locations and physically stretch. Since then, as technology has gradually advanced, streaming platforms have expanded the reach of music, and even young Nigerian Afro Bitz artists have been noticed and celebrated around the world.

This scalability is what Raknida is trying to achieve with technology in the digital art industry. Raknida envisions a world where high quality African digital creativity can be easily exported globally through wall art that inspires, conveys and shapes the future in many important ways.

Today, most African creators need to be their own promoters, business strategists, salespeople, accountants, and so on. Such silos make it difficult to take the collective growth and value of the industry as seriously as necessary.

However, technology offers countless opportunities for the advancement of African art through the collaboration and involvement of cross-disciplinary professionals. Like musicians with savvy producers, agents, streaming platforms and more to help create powerful creations that meet global standards, Raknida will build an ecosystem that supports African creators and strategic positions. Continent as a world leader in the wall art industry.

Positioning of African art for the future

Much is happening today in the global tech field. There is a speedy change that has been adopted as a standard in front of us. With the growth of tools as powerful as AI, Raknida predicts that art and technology will be nearly inseparable in the near future. This will undoubtedly make it important for Africa to be effectively positioned in the coming years.


For example, with the advent of NFTs, moving art and photography have become bigger. People are also exploring generative art, the process of algorithmically generating new art forms, colors, patterns, etc. on a computer using the rules dictated by the creator. Most feature phones today are equipped with augmented reality (AR) -enabled cameras, providing users with an additional layer of interactivity and smartness. This is where the future is heading.

Currently, there is a great demand for a means for people to enjoy NFTs and digital art in a physical space. AR is one of the tools adopted by Raknida to make this possible. Soon, from AR to smart frames and walls, ordinary art and still life will no longer be sufficient for people. The basic expectation is that all artwork will bring a more complex experience to each viewer.


That’s why Raknida is pioneering the growth and adoption of art technology in Africa, delivering art technology to everyone through high-quality, affordable wall art. Raknida is committed to involving Africa while the industry is still very young by predicting the future of art technology around the world. That’s why the brand begins with familiar art technology, such as printing artwork on canvas, wallpaper, art prints and other materials, but positions Africa as a global force in the wall art industry.

Seed funding and partnership

Raknida is now 100% owned and funded by Insecta Studios (which has also been a bootstrap since its inception in 2016).

The company’s dream for Raknida is so big that it is currently in the process of strategically positioning its product for growth. It is seeking to acquire real estate that will become a hub for digital wall art in the near future, and collaborate with domestic and foreign partners in related fields such as production, investment, promotion and manufacturing.

They intend to raise their first round of investment soon and can discuss this while marketing the product and carving that niche into the customer’s mind. The goal is to make Africa a big presence in the global wall art market in the near future.

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