Random: Want A Signed Autograph From The Final Fantasy Artist? Why Not Order Some Sake

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Image: Square Enix / Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano is arguably one of the most famous video game artists in the world and probably one of the most famous artists in Japan. His unique and elegant character designs and illustrations combine the art of Western comics with Japanese woodblock prints and Art Nouveau to create something lively on paper.

He worked on anime Speed ​​racer And the novel Vampire Hunter D, He did not enter the video game art scene until the first Final Fantasy was developed in 1987. And while he resigned as the main character’s designer after FINAL FANTASY VI, he continued to offer the series logo-they are all symbolic.

Last year, Amano collaborated with liquor maker Shuzo Asahara at a Japanese brewery to provide them with art. Let them dry and bleed Premium liquor collaboration with the vampire ninja comic of the same name in Vault Comics. And now, through the importer Takasan, you may be able to get your own autographed autograph from the artist! You can also have a one-on-one exclusive video chat with him if you have saved Gil.

As you would expect from premium brand alcohol, these aren’t cheap, so if you want to get something very rare, you may need to sell some Mithril shards.

There are four bundles you can buy.

  • BTD collectable set ―――― $ 275 -One red BTD liquor, one black BTD liquor, one digitally signed BTD artwork and a video message from Amano.
  • BTD Bloodthirsty Vampire Asset ―――― $ 295 -1 bottle of red BTD liquor, 1 bottle of black BTD liquor, 3 BTD art prints with digital signature and video message from Amano.
  • BTD Eternal Vampire Amano VIP Set ―――― $ 389 -Unique colored paper (sign board) signed by Yoshika Ama, 1 bottle of red BTD liquor, 1 bottle of black BTD liquor, 3 BTD art prints with digital signature, Amano with video message (limited to 30 sets).
  • BTD Ultimate Vampire Amano VIP Set ―――― $ 499 -A rare one-on-one zoom video chat with Yoshitaka Amano, a unique colored paper (sign board) signed by Yoshitaka Amano, a limited edition bleed-them dry graphic novel with Yoshitaka Amano cover art, one red BTD liquor and black One bottle of BTD liquor, three BTD art prints with digital signatures and a video message from Amano (limited to 5 sets).

You can check the bundle yourself on the Takasan website. And, strangely enough, this isn’t the first time FINAL FANTASY and alcohol have been separated. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series, Square Enix made bottles to commemorate the red and white wines.

Would you like to toast and spend Gil on this expensive collaboration?Tell us..


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