R&B artist Kris Lawrence explores perks of releasing an NFT song


Cover art for Kris Lawrence’s NFT single “Future Girl”

Even now, two years after the pandemic, live shows and concerts are rare, but Kris Lawrence is exploring different ways to bring his music to listeners. Apart from music streaming platforms and video sharing apps, the singer recently entered the non-fungible token (NFT) market.

His new single “Future Girl” was released by Song Rise, an NFT-based company that aims to create a virtual “ecosystem” of collectable music assets such as songs and albums.

“I’m entering this new venture. Many companies have entered the Metaverse or crypto space … many things have changed. As an artist, I personally find this where much is going. I believe that, “Chris said in a group interview via Zoom.

Using blockchain technology, NFTs will become virtual tokens that will allow you to authenticate or stamp ownership of your own works, items and assets such as music, movies, digital art and video games. Purchased or sold on the NFT Marketplace using cryptocurrencies or regular payment methods.

For “Future Girl”, SongRise has made 200 NFT copies and is currently on sale on its website. A possible benefit for owners and buyers is to make NFTs also available as discount vouchers or tickets. This will allow you to participate in future live shows of the artist.

Filipino only

“At this point, I’m the only Filipino on this platform. I’m very excited to be one of the first artists on this platform,” said Andre Alexander, a friend and Grammy-nominated artist. Chris, who was introduced to SongRise, said.

“The whole place of this NFT is very new. There are so many possibilities that have been explored to date … The way I plan to use this NFT is to buy an NFT and get a discount on future shows. You can get it, or if you show us the NFT, you’ll get 50% off the item, “he said. “Probably you can use it that way.”

He can still release “Future Girl” on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, but that reduces the value of NFTs and can be considered a collector’s item in a way.

Written and produced by Andrew Briol and Kuya Productions, “Future Girl” is about a career-focused man who has made many sacrifices, including relationships, and is now taking the next step in life. “It’s about someone keeping his grind while finding a girl who accepts him about who he is,” he said.

“I would like to try NFT and see how far I can achieve this. If there is no sound, I can always put it on Spotify. But let’s ride it and see what happens.” The R & B recording artist behind the hit song “Kan Malaya Ran Ako”. “But if it’s sold out, the value of the NFT will increase.”

Planned collaboration

He’s open to such new platforms, but Chris said he’ll continue to release music in traditional ways. “We’re planning to collaborate with Arthur Nery. I’m planning about five songs to release on Spotify,” Kris said, associated with him and his “brothers of the soul” Jay-R and Billy Crawford. Also added that he plans to create an EP in the future.

At this point in his career, Chris feels it’s better to stick to what he’s most good at: performing R & B and soul tunes. “I think pop is the farthest thing I can go to. Doing something radical like rock doesn’t seem real, like trying to rebrand. I have my roots and I stick to strength, “he said.

At the end of last year, Chris was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform at a show outside the town. It was one of the first opportunities he sang in front of a live audience since the pandemic broke out, and for some time it felt like it used to be. However, after that, the number of Omicron variants of coronavirus surged.

“We thought things were starting to move forward … but it was fun. I remember standing on stage and feeling the energy of the people. Cheers, the people calling your name. , Applause, I miss the connection with people, “he said.

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