Recycled Plastic Bags Used To Create Stunning Art Installation In Steveston, Richmond At Wisteria Place


Richmond, British Columbia / Access Wire / February 15, 2022 / Optima Living, which owns and operates an independent, supportive, and supportive community in western Canada, introduces local BC artist Roger Brenninkmeyer at Wisteria Place, one of the premier residences in Richmond, British Columbia. I am. Transforming plastic into a unique work of art, the residents of Wisteria Place enjoy the largest and most important work of all.

The wisteria tree is named after the wisteria tree, which symbolizes the longevity and immortality of Japanese culture. The foyer features the stylized wisteria wall art of Brenning Meyer, which consists of 127 segments. It represents 107 suites of Wisteria Place and 20 original Wisteria Place team members. Wall Art incorporates 18,000 plastic bags collected from the community and residents of Wisteria Place, Wisteria for environmentally friendly and sustainable operation, tailored to a special location adjacent to the Steveston Buddhist Temple. We are promoting Place initiatives.

“Promoting sustainability is a way we invest to secure a larger future for our communities, our nations, and the world. Optima Living Principal Ali Shivji said: “The idea of ​​working with the community to collect large quantities of plastic and create a symbol of renewal and sustainability makes great sense to the residents of Optima and Wisteria Place.”

“”[The residents] Go to breakfast every morning and look up to see the beautiful wisteria trees. I know their trash is actually part of that beautiful mosaic, “said Roger Brenning Kuyer.

The courtyard of Wisteria Place pays homage to Japanese culture with its traditional gardens and wooden verandas. Below the grand staircase is a thousand paper cranes, symbolizing happiness and eternal luck. Wisteria Place serves Japanese, Chinese and other dishes.

Wisteria Place opened in August 2021 a beautifully designed mansion just a short walk from Steveston Waterfront. Residents of Wisteria Place participate in various activities at the temples that share the site, such as participating in meditation time. Residents also use Steveston’s community center to stay active and healthy.

Optima Living is very proud of this partnership between Steveston Buddhist Temple and Wisteria Place and hopes to continue working with Wisteria Place residents and communities for the next few years.

Wisteria tree Sustainable wall art of wisteria tree was made from 18,000 plastic bags.

The art of sustainable walls of wisteria trees at Wisteria Place includes plastic bags collected from the inhabitants.

About Optima Living
For the past 15 years, Optima Living has been a highly regarded owner and operator of the elderly housing community in western Canada. These communities range from independent to supported lives, long-term care to memory care, and residential mental health. Optima Living currently operates more than 1,200 beds in 18 communities in Alberta and British Columbia. OptimaLiving believes that, as stated in North Star, the company is a unique culture created by all senior housing communities. House. Go to

About Wisteria Place
Wisteria Place is a new and innovative elderly independent living community in the magnificent waterfront community of Steveston, British Columbia. Wisteria Place offers all-inclusive housing with features such as keyless entry, security and fall prevention technology, close to local facilities. .. We are engaged in activities to deepen the connection between residents and the community and foster a sense of purpose. The Wisteria Place logo contains three stylized wisteria flowers that represent people, places, and communities. People are individuals who work and live in Wisteria Place. Locations include the physical building of Wisteria Place and proximity to Steveston Buddhist Temple and Steveston Park. The community represents Richmond’s participation in the larger community. Go to

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