Red Sox Chris Sale throws tantrum after minor league start

Red Sox Chris Sale throws tantrum after minor league start

See the wall art around Chris Sale.

See the wall art around Chris Sale.
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It’s not every day to see a 33-year-old professional baseball player throw a full-fledged temperament tantrum, but according to Chris Sale, it’s all part of the gig.

After allowing five batters to walk and run in the four innings at the start of the Triple A Worcester Red Sox on Wednesday, he almost destroyed the Worcester tunnel and destroyed the art of the walls after being pulled away from the game. did. Kick out his anger and the shit that followed.

The All-Star, seven-time Red Sox World Series winner, hasn’t been in the majors since 2021. Due to a series of injuries and a series of pneumonia, he remains in IL both inside and outside Boston. Surgery and rehabilitation including Tommy John’s surgery and stress fractures of his ribs. At the age of 33, he was trying to get past a minor and his start of rehab clearly did not meet his own personal criteria.

Sale wasn’t obsessed with the video, but he also rampaged and destroyed the television, telling the press, “I wouldn’t be here without it … that’s doing my job well.” Assuming “it” he considers to be the fire of competition, it’s not that I came across in the video, that is, I’m not an expert on what takes elite athletes to where they are. A significant proportion of them do not do such things on a regular basis.

“If you want me to behave like a normal person, you have to treat me like a normal person,” he continued. interview.. “This is different from the normal atmosphere. If I were in Bank of America, wouldn’t I fly? We are not in Bank of America.”

In fact, the reporter pointed out that many people are under pressure for their normal work, suggesting that they manage to keep the company’s wall art and the like from being destroyed. I haven’t personally worked at Bank of America, so I can’t personally talk about the atmosphere there, but I think doing so at BoA’s office will at least lead to discussions with HR. increase.

Sale learned at college to punch nothing and do a “full front kick” to avoid a momentary injury, which is the “7-year-old tempered tantalum” he wasn’t proud of. He said he admitted that. He also treated Worcester players and staff for lunch and dinner on Friday, so you know, he did his penance or something.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first brush-up of a sale with diamonds having anger issues. In 2016, he cut off a promotional throwback jersey for the Chicago White Sox he was playing at the time with a knife. Because he didn’t want to wear them. He then hit the media, “Everyone makes mistakes.” I think this is one way to express it. He also seems to have cursed the White Sox president during spring training on allowing his teammates’ children in the locker room.

For future teams signing the sale — a little property insurance is probably not the worst idea in the world.



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