Renowned Russian-Ukrainian Artist Oxana Sim Releases NFT Collection of Paintings

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Oksana S

Painting-Freedom with my horse

Painting-Freedom with my horse

Naked feast painting by Oksanasim

Naked feast painting by Oksanasim

Ethereum cryptocurrencies available on

God is unknown unless the heart ignites. “

— William Blake

New York, NY, USA, March 12, 2022 / Russia-Ukrainian artist Oksanasim has released a new collection of paintings as NFT art that can be purchased in Ethereum cryptocurrency. The dealer or promoter will be paid a 20% commission on the payment received at the time of sale.

Both Russian and Ukrainian painter Oksanasim wants to devote her life to her art, having been painting since she was a child.

The collection entitled “Uncertain Future” includes paintings by “Lady in Red,” “Naked Feast,” “Planet of a Rare Soul,” “Women at the Well,” “Free Life with My Horse,” and “Mother Holding Daughter.” is included. , “Fallen Angel”, “Where’s the Way”, “Rare Soul Planet”.

The collection includes both original paintings that can be bid on at auction and fixed-price numbered series ranging from .14ETH to 1ETH. To buy or bid on art, go to the following URL:

Discover Oxana S. This is a rare opportunity to invest in an NFT.

NFTs are a new asset class that is expected to follow the astronomical interests of cryptocurrencies as “the fastest growing universe in the crypto ecosystem”.

Collectable art has also made astronomical advances with Basquiat’s paintings, which were recently sold at Sotheby’s for $ 110 million after being purchased for only a few thousand dollars.

You can support this artist and your investment by tweeting and posting on Twitter and Instagram, or earn 20% of your sales through promotions.

Cryptocurrencies: WETH, ETH

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