Report: Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Has Been Showing His Paintings Under the Pseudonym ‘Rhed’ for Years

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Rocco Ritchie, son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, may be an artist working under the pseudonym Rhed and showing at Tanya Baxter Contemporary in London.

Page Six detectives say they have identified this “up-and-coming artist” (Rocco is 21 years old).Suggesting a relationship is the fact that the global megastar and her ex were at the 2018 opening of Rhed’s debut show at the gallery. Daily mail.. Rocco also participated.

“We will continue to respect the artist’s privilege to remain anonymous,” Baxter told Artnet News in an email. “Rhed remains in secret mode in much the same way that Banksy chose to keep his identity unknown.”

Madonna’s promotional agent was not immediately contacted.

The gallery is not afraid to make exaggerated claims to the artist. For example, his work is reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy’s work (which is not the case, judging from the images on her website), claiming that his 2018 debut came to London. Art World By Storm (a recent show had a “must-see” mention on a local blog, but no reviews were found. His work includes “Bacon, Kosov, Freud, and Early Picasso,” which is Not completely wrong).

In fact, Rhed’s paintings depict people in subdued colors and, like paintings, may explicitly refer to pop culture. Goth ring (No date specified) This may depict actor Ryan Gosling, but it’s confusing because the surprised face of a typical male person doesn’t have a caricature.There is also Verdujour, This probably refers to Luis Buñuel’s 1967 movie Bell de Jules, Starring Catherine Deneuve as a boring housewife trying to work in a brothel, but the figures depicted do not resemble the possible subject (up to the thick head of black hair).Perhaps the clue to the artist’s hidden identity lies in the painting. Rhed-M, Showing a blonde woman. Is M an abbreviation for Madonna? mother? Certainly only the artist knows.

What else do you know about Rhed? A press release of his summer exhibition “Personae and Portraits” includes Central Saint Martins (prominent graduates include Steve McQueen, PJ Harvey, MIA, Pierce Brosnan and Antony) before he attended the Royal Drawing School. Shows that you attended) Gormley). This includes critics Godfrey Barker (“notable person”) and Hillary Binks (“he matured as a painter”), and Oisin Murphy, CEO of San Leon Energy (“more certain”). Includes support from “artists”).

Rhed’s paintings are also available at Artsy and prices range from £ 12,800 to £ 24,000.

As the Page Six writer points out, another fiercely controversial Rhed Smack secret identity potential in the art world: Hunter Biden, the son of the U.S. President who recently performed a show at Georges Bergès Gallery in New York, to $ 500,000. A punchy price for the artist’s debut. In the case of Biden, buyers may favor the leaders of the free world, which raises ethical issues. It’s not clear if there is an equal challenge to spending $ 17,000 on paintings by the son of the Queen of Pop.

At least the price is much more reasonable.

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