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Q: Q: Why don’t you try NFT yourself?

A: A: I have been approached several times to “make an NFT”. So far, nothing convinces me that there is something worth making in that area. For me, “value-added” means not only a bank account, but something that adds value to the world. If I mainly wanted to make money, I would have had another career as another kind of person. I probably didn’t choose to be an artist. NFTs seem like just a way for artists to get just a few of the actions from global capitalism. This is a monetization of our own cute little version. How sweet – artists can now be the ones who hate small capitalists.

And that’s why the future looks so ugly and boring, whether it’s NFTs, memos, or the barking existential horrors of the Metaverse. It reflects the inner dysgenesis of the financial and technology professionals who created it. As a visual representation of cryptocurrencies, NFT Art combines the subtle social perceptions of computer programmers with the heartfelt whims of hedge fund managers. It’s an art for people whose imagination is absolutely captured by a new kind of money you can do with your computer.

It’s obviously also a mud scheme, and the need for a product that can be sold is essential and will be updated endlessly, but it’s not a problem as the product itself is useless. It’s not a waste if all the art is useless because you can get the image. And no matter what nutritional grain your hungry little soul may find in them for free, canceled stamps are useless, useless methods like receipts and torn envelopes are useless. NFTs are business opportunities disguised as art. Just as many seemingly meaningful experiences of the 21st century turned out to be opportunities to spend money in the guise of life.

This year, when the pandemic death diminished and flowed, a unique eternal beating, the artist’s beating of death, was played as usual, creating a wave of collective sorrow in itself. Some, such as Cicely Tyson and Stephen Sondheim, have been in the limelight for generations. Others like Michael K. Williams and Nai Ni Chen have shortened our mourning career. Here is in their own words a tribute to just a few of them.

Hello, congratulations on your reading of this essay, you are still alive. And if you are alive, you have been vaccinated with COVID-19 or you still have the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19. And holy fuck, if you haven’t been shit vaccinated against COVID-19, you need to get shit vaccinated now. So what? Fuck you Get vaccinated. Fuck.

The fucking vaccine doesn’t make you magnetic. you’re kidding? It just doesn’t shit. It’s not shit, and the woman who tried to pretend to be vaccinated made her shit magnetic, so it looked like a real shit idiot and shit idiot, so get the shit vaccine. Jesus. Fuck.

In my theory, our current collective obsession with trends is a response to the massive unpredictability of technology, finance and health over the last two years, and the world is much different than it used to be. The fact is that. I don’t think it’s just a pandemic. The fact that an internet company founded in China hijacked an American smartphone very quickly and completely horrified venture capitalist led to the idea that a Silicon Valley boy genius would dominate the internet forever. I think I’m very happy.

It’s at least the enthusiastic and almost uniform of apps like Clubhouse, or the app that asked the question, Dispo, which was very easily duplicated by a company where the core premise of live audio-only social media was more established. It will explain the positive early coverage, “What if we take the worst part of a disposable camera, wait and put it on your phone.” These conversation periods are magical. It felt like a thought. Things may eventually return to normal, no matter how useless and replaced TikTok, as if only another ordinary old California tech company.

[Jeff T.] Green admitted that most Mormons were “good people trying to do the right thing,” and blamed the church leaders who confused them.

“Church leaders are not honest about their history, finances, and advocacy,” he said in a 900-word letter. “I think the Mormon Church has hampered the global advancement of women’s rights, civil rights and racial equality, and LGBTQ + rights.”

Green has announced that it will donate $ 600,000 to LGBTQ organization Equality Utah.

“Almost half of the money goes to a new scholarship program to support LGBTQ + students in Utah,” he said. [Brigham Young University].. “

To the editor:

A self-serving and error-filled review of my book by Caroline Weber (December 5th) focuses on the details of whether Marie Antoinette had an affair. Not about her three notable daughters and Maria Theresia, who is the entire 18th century, but Point demands a response. There is no way to deal with all of Weber’s misrepresentations here, so I’ll limit myself to just a few of the worse examples.

If Weber had read more than the genealogy and footnotes on page 251 then Marie Antoinette’s second son would be his aides, including the King of Sweden and Count Axel Fersen, with the Queen in Petit Trianon. Felsen was absent for 10 months at that time and was known to be a regular visitor to Petit Trianon whenever he was in town, in addition to attending parties.Meanwhile, Louis XVI no At Petit Trianon throughout the week, as proved by Mrs. Campan, he followed his usual schedule, including sleeping alone in his room at the Palace of Versailles at exactly 11 o’clock every night. So it’s hard to know how he became a father. It’s not gossip or fake news. That’s biology and geography …

Many sources have been published on the Internet for the first time, many of which go against the sound image of the “greatest generation” of war.

Raw attitudes on topics such as race, female, gender, gender, and combat are revealed on page 65,000 from an Army survey found by Virginia Tech historians at the National Archives.

Black soldiers had their own views on a man called a “cracker” in the South who could not admit that the Civil War was over. Some soldiers suspected the woman in service. Homosexual soldiers wondered why they were drafted. And some soldiers said they had been in combat for too long.

The project is called “American Soldiers During World War II” and is supported by funding from universities and the National Endowment for the Humanities and the activities of the National Archives of Japan.

The must-read is published every Thursday afternoon and consists of a short list of long articles, videos, blog posts, or art-related links to photo essays worth a look.

Many problems with Kandinsky’s abstraction are that they do not provide enough immediate visual information to “crack” the color and shape representation code.

Schloss’s Loft Generation creates a memoir of the mirror, as the literary portrait doubles as a self-portrait obscured.

This may not be a great movie, but its story and timbre weaknesses highlight how strong Léa Seydou is as its intense heart.

This desire to remember its existence and go beyond the ordinary seems to be one of the motivations shared by Jane Freiricher and Thomas Nozkowski.

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