Review: Polarr is a Flexible Photo Editor for Many Platforms


Polarr is a photo editing app for various platforms and operating systems. It has many features for editing photos and creating and sharing styles.

Edit with Polarr

It’s a little interesting. When the Polarr team contacted me and asked for a review, I thought, “Oh yeah, I remember you.” I actually used this app for the first time in 2015 when I had a Chromebook. At that time, Polarr was one of the only photo editors available on Chrome OS. I ended up writing a review of it here (yes, I actually wrote it once for an Android site). Since then, I’ve moved to another app and stopped using Polarr. But it doesn’t reflect that feature, and I think it’s still a good app. I’m a VSCO boy now.


I don’t want to spend too much time on the editing features that are common to most photo editors these days. It has all the controls for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, RAW files, colors and more. You can import LUTs and add overlays and textures.

The main feature of Polarr is called Polarr style. Anyone can create their own style and share it with others via a QR code. Within the app, there is a section called Discover where you can easily experiment with the styles of other creators. Polarr style is more than just a filter for color, contrast, or exposure. Overlays, face adjustments, etc. can be included in the style. Effects included in Polarr style:

  • Selective AI object: Sky, people, background, vegetation, buildings, ground, animals, etc.
  • Selection mask: Brush, radial, gradation, color, luminance
  • overlay: Gradations, duo tones, weather, textures, backgrounds, custom overlays, etc.
  • Retouch: Skin, liquefaction, face shape (mouth, teeth, nose, chin, etc.)
  • Global adjustment: Lights, colors, HSL, tonings, effects, fringes, details, curves, vignettes, grains, LUTs
  • Productivity: Batch photo export, face detection, AI object segmentation

I’ve created several styles for testing, but the one I’ve used the most emulates the photo styles I often use in my photos. I prefer color or black and white low key styles. The style I created is here. To import into the Polarr app, tap the plus (+) button on the top right display.[QRコードのインポート]or[QRコードのスキャン]Choose. You need a Polarr account to create styles to share. You can create an account by email or sign in with Apple.

“Custom style.” I forgot to name it

The app is free and with an optional subscription unlocks all premium Polarr styles and video editing. Prices are $ 3.99 per month or $ 19.99 per year.

society: Polarr

List price: $ 0


We like it. You need to get it.

Strong Points:

  • Import the LUT
  • Face detection
  • AI object segmentation
  • Retouch


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