Ripple Onboards Over 4,000 NFT Creators Onto New Creator Fund

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Blockchain payments company Ripple announces onboarding nearly 4,000 artists, musicians, game designers and builders under various NFT projects through a $ 250 million creator fund launched in September 2021 Did.

Among the participating artists are writer and producer Justin Bua, filmmaker Stephen Sebling, and xPunks. Multiple marketplaces and creative agencies such as Mintable, MintNFT, VSA Partners, NFT PRO, Ethernal Labs and onXRP have come together to connect diverse artists. The latter three integrate with XRP Ledger to provide users with a faster, lower cost and carbon-friendly NFT experience. “We are very pleased that Ethernal Labs has become a partner of Ripple’s Creator Fund and can integrate XRP Ledger,” said Nick Rose, CEO and founder of Ethernal Labs. “This partnership will enable us to strengthen the Web3 ecosystem by exploring cross-chain interoperability and providing NFTs and digital assets to the masses.” The partnership provides loyalty structures and sharing capabilities. To do.

GM says NFTs have real usefulness

In January 2022, NFT-Devnet was released, a beta development environment built to improve NFT support in XRP Ledger and lower the technical barriers of aspiring NFT authors. Monica Long, general manager of RippleX in the app development department, describes the rapid pace of NFT space: -World assets, etc. ”

XRP Ledger has a decentralized exchange that provides settlement for all tokenized assets, including NFTs.

Ripple has confirmed that the fund will continue to provide financial support to creators on a regular basis. The creator’s work is categorized into multiple themes for each wave of applications. Following the new and existing NFT use cases of the XRP Distributed Ledger, current authors will work on the themes of Metaverse, Games, Art, and Collectibles.

Ripple pushes in concert with Web3

There is no doubt that Ripple is pushing into the area of ​​Web 3.0 and use cases for tokenized assets. Recently, we paid $ 100,000 to Feturre, an entertainment and music market, to accelerate Web 3.0 efforts and add utilities to the XRP Ledger ecosystem. Feeturre links artists, producers, influencers, and their commerce and collaboration representations to provide entertainment industry buyers and sellers with a web-based solution. “With XRP Ledger, Feeturre has lower transaction fees, faster payments and obvious advantages over competitors. XRPL-based NFT integration is key to accelerating the adoption of the Internet of Value. It’s a step, “said Elliot Lee of Ripple X.

Ripple will host the Ripple House at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, from Friday, March 11, 2022 to Sunday, March 20, 2022.

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