Roaring Spring House @Hiraeth House

Roaring Spring House @Hiraeth House

I first heard about Lydia Beebe Safulko and her new vintage merchandise business, Roaring Spring Home, when I came across some of her stained glassware at Petal Pusher on Allen Street. I was immediately drawn to the captivating aesthetic touches, which complement the well-curated displays at the Flower Bar.

Before long, I got in touch with Lydia, who was opening the Roaring Spring Home in the eclectic Hiraeth House collective—the entrance to the Roaring Spring Home is on the Virginia Square side of the building, opposite Mothers.

Lydia’s antique showroom/shop is actually her “side business”, which gives her some free time to care for her young family, her real estate job, and her full-time job at M&T Bank. Oh yes, she is also a lawyer.

One might wonder how she has time to think, let alone run a vintage store. But she told me she wanted to do something that would tap into her passion. As a child, she and her mother went shopping for antiques and vintage stores.

Lydia Bibi Safulco

“I started making antiques in the Adirondacks with my mom when I was a kid,” says Lydia. “The name of the store comes from my mom — she grew up in the Roaring Spring suburbs of Pennsylvania. In many ways, I’ve always been a pack rat. My husband was supportive when I decided to open the store. Either a divorce, I think. , or I have to find a place for all this stuff [laughing]. “

The dream of owning your own store also came during the pandemic, when everyone was in lockdown. That’s when Lydia started selling online. What started as a whim became a reality when she started making pop-ups at Hiraeth House. When a permanent space opens, she accepts it. Then, when it became available, she took over another space.Now she occupies a large part of the building’s ground floor – three rooms – which she shares with Megan Liss of the bar[tend] Buffalo (also owns the Hiraeth House – read more).

Lydia told me her motivation was to find special vintage items and sell them to people who like and appreciate them. She also said she feels that sometimes wine gets bad reviews.

Visit during the first Friday event and also find Communitea, Cute Charcuterie, Nickel City Skincare and Whimsy by Kelly at Hiraeth House

“Vintage doesn’t have to be the jar your grandmother kept on the counter,” explains Lydia. “I go to thrift stores and real estate sales looking for things that I think are beautiful – things that need a new life. We can’t just keep throwing things out – we need to reuse things instead of buying new ones all the time. As for my most Loved the pieces, I have a whole wall of stained glass. I also love the brass figurines. I love the little vases and utensils. I can’t give them away. And for the clients…they love the different kinds of candlesticks. Also the glassware and vases When I sell, it’s validating. I like to bring a little joy to people’s lives. I have an eclectic style. I try to collect affordable items – beautiful items that won’t break the bank. I do There are furniture and big pieces, but most are in the $10 to $20 range. I hope everyone can visit this store.”

Too often, we tend to pass by household items that have been thrown into the thrift store bin without us even looking at them. Some people (like Lydia) are really good at identifying these little darlings, cleaning them up, and showing them off. According to Lydia, this is when the magic happens. As far as real estate sales go, everyone loves to attend, but there’s always the issue of finding time. At Roaring Spring Home, Lydia makes it easy. Her job is to scour thousands of duds while picking out the essences she sells in the store.

Currently, Spring Blossom Home is currently open for a limited time and by appointment (see the July schedule below), with more regular business hours to follow. You can also browse products on Instagram.

The address for the Roaring Spring Home is 503 Delaware, but you will need to enter the back of the building across from Virginia Square (Mothers Restaurant). When you arrive, you’ll find plenty to browse, including cufflinks, art, cutlery, mugs, ice buckets, cocktail shakers, bar trays, mirrors, pitchers, tripods, napkin holders, bowls, salt and pepper shakers, picnic baskets, picture frames, jewelry boxes and holiday items. These can be yours…and the price is right.


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