Roland C. Lajeunesse, veteran, great-grandfather and photographer

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Roland C. Lajeunesse, veteran, great-grandfather, photographer

Roland C. Rajunes, 38 Rudd Farm Drive, Vermont, died at the age of 95 at the McClure Mirare Respite House on November 24, 2021 after four years of fighting cancer. Born July 31, 1926 in Almond and Leda (Roy) Rajenes, Barre, Vermont, he was the oldest of the eight children. Roland attended a local elementary school in Vale and Vale Town.

On June 25, 1949, Roland married Jeannine Boudreau at the Church of St. Monica and set up his home on 195 Elm Street in Barre for over 35 years. He and Jenine had three children. Irene, Michael, Ann. Roland was very proud of his family.

Even at the young age of 14, Roland liked to work in wood, helping his father repair an old farm building. In 1946, he left the farm and went to work for a local building contractor as a carpenter’s apprentice. Roland, who was very enthusiastic about learning the carpenter’s trade, was excellent very quickly. He attended a night course in business administration at Spalding High School offered by UVM College.

In 1952, Roland was drafted into the Army. After completing basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he attended a 12-week advanced artillery school and graduated as a transit operator. Within six months of being drafted, he was assigned to the headquarters of the 37th Field Artillery Corps in South Korea. After 13 months of work there, Roland retired from the sergeant rank.

In 1954, Roland returned home to meet his 13-month-old daughter, Irene, for the first time. After that, he was so enthusiastic about returning to the construction industry that he worked for the Barre construction company as a carpenter and project manager. In 1962, Roland founded his own construction company, known as Roland Lajeunesse Builder, and later became known as Lajeunesse Construction. His work included many new and major refurbishments throughout the city of Valle, including the addition of a new five-story granite-facing rear and a new elevator to the existing Valle Opera House. .. Roland is also proud to be selected as the designer and builder of the original Howard Market and the new Howard Market in South Barre.

In 1975, Roland’s son Michael joined his father and in 1987 expanded to a new facility on East Valle Road. In 2012, they celebrated their 50th anniversary in the construction industry. In 2014, Michael’s son Eric joined the company to continue his family business.

Roland was a 75-year member of the Knights of Columbus, who joined in 1946. He was responsible for the design and construction of a new facility on Pine Hill Road in Vale Town. weekend. Since 1967, Roland has been a four-time member and has participated in many march parades and other activities. He was also the oldest and lasting member of the Knights of Columbus in Vermont.

Roland has been a former Barre Chamber of Commerce, Director of the Granite Mutual Insurance Company, Mutuo Soccorso Club, Barre Elks Lodge # 1535, American Legion Post # 10, St. for over 20 years. I was a member of Monica’s. I was in the church, and its idyllic councils and committees.

One of Roland’s hobbies was photography. In 1989, he began taking pictures of the best 50 or more monuments at Hope Cemetery, giving him ideas on how to design his own monuments. He eventually asked his old friend and architect Donald McDonight to design his monument, now at Hope Cemetery. Roland continued to take photographs at the Hope Cemetery and other cemeteries, leading to more photography and research in the granite industry and quarries. In 2012, the Times Argus became interested in his photo album, and after an interview with him and a photo on the front page detailing his life, they gave him the title “The Birth of the Barre Granite Monument”. I asked you to publish a color photo album of. “.

Roland’s favorite sports include weekend deer hunting with friends, water skiing, snowmobiles, and snow skiing with family.

After becoming a widow, Roland married Lolande “Ronnie” Messi in 1993 at the Church of St. Monica. After retiring, he and Ronnie spent six months of the year in Florida for 26 years during the winter. They returned to Barre in the summer when Roland enjoyed playing golf and were able to win three holes in one.

Survivors include Roland’s wife, Ronnie, daughter Eileen Drew of Orford, New Hampshire, Barre’s friend Kathy Roulo, Anne Hutchins and Barre Town’s husband Robert, grandchildren Troy Drew, Emily Rajunesse, and Shara. Includes Vitaliano, Hannah Rajunesse, Eric Rajunesse, Isaac Hutchins, Jason Hutchins & Stephanie Hutchins, 9 great-grandchildren, niece, nephew, and his sister, Claire Brassard (Norman) of Burlington, stepchild Lise Messier, Rachel Bizzozero, Paul Messier, Susan Hendricks, Robert Messier.

Roland died by his parents, 43-year-old wife Jenine, brother Fernando “Red, Raymond, John, sisters Mary Jane Plante, Vicky Couture, Margaret Fitz, and granddaughter Kim Douz.

A Christian burial mass celebrating Roland’s life will be held on Friday, December 3, 2021 at 10 am in the Catholic Church of St. Monica, followed by burial at the Hope Cemetery in Valle. If you are a family member, please wear a mask if you would like to participate.

Arrangements are under the control of the Purnopoli Funeral Hall at 58 Summer Street, Barre, Vermont.

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