Ronan Bouroullec presents 23 bas-reliefs at Galerie Kreo

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Ronamble Wreck experiment with shallow relief at Gallery Cleo

An exhibition of new artwork by Ronan Brulek is being held at Gallery Cleo in London (until January 4, 2022), exploring the shallow relief of ceramics in colorful compositions.

Over the past few years, the artwork of French designer Ronan Brulek has become a distinctive mark of his work, closely related to his industrial design work, co-produced with his brother Elwan. became. The designs and artwork created by Bouroullec share some neat similarities. From calm to bold, a color palette that is always provided in a harmonious balance, shapes and silhouettes that are always defined by winding lines and perfect equilibrium.

In a new series of works (until January 4, 2022) presented by Galerie Kreo in London, designers are exploring new media with a collection of 23 clay reliefs. Gallery Cleo’s London Space (debuted in September 2021 with Marc Newson’s collection of modular bookshelf designs) took this opportunity to transform from a furniture gallery to an art gallery, demonstrating the designer’s ability to work among different creative worlds. increase.

23 shallow reliefs by Ronan Bouuroullec

Photo courtesy of Studio Bouroullec

The 23 works on display give a sublime glimpse of Brulek’s sensitivity to color and composition. The limited palette of dark green, gray and brown is obscured by the appearance of yellow, pink and bright red.

The work that the designer emphasizes is abstract, and each tableau consists of two or three irregularly shaped diagonally fringed glaze clays placed on a simple board and frame. Seemingly insignificant details, such as a bright anodized aluminum background (light blue, grey, light green tones), help bring the composition to life.

“Nothing can be as beautiful as a beveled edge. The taper is like a caress. The way they blend into the background feels digital and deeply analog. These effects Are visual and tactile as follows. We want to see and touch them.

The creation of each piece is defined by three processes. First, carve the clay by hand. This is the moment of multi-sensory creation that Brulek compares to skiing in fresh snow with both tactile and auditory effects. Second, glazing leaves cracks, bubbles and tool marks in the shape. This is an imperfect effect that reflects the designer’s handmade process. And finally, the composition of shapes and colors into these expressive multidimensional works.

“There seems to be a fundamental resonance in the work,” Asherman concludes. “They short-circuit our hard-wired symbolic understanding and whisper other landscapes. They remind us that mass and atmosphere are a form of joy and are pleased with us. I ask you to give me §.


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