Safra Family Heir to Sell Two Gentileschis at Sotheby’s –


As the prices of Artemisia Gentileschi continue to rise, two paintings by the 17th century Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi will be auctioned in Sotheby’s New York. Both were put up for auction at Old Master on Thursday and each is protected by a financial guarantee.

The painting is by Jacob (Jackie) E, the heir to the property of banks in Lebanon and Switzerland in Syria. It’s from the Safra collection. They are expected to get an estimated $ 3.8 million to $ 5.5 million in total.

Artemisia Gentileschi, Susanna and the elders, Ca. 1628.

The first work to be in the block this week, Susanna and the elders (C. 1638) depicts a large biblical scene in which Susanna is preyed on by two community elders. This scene is where Gentileschi has returned many times, and art historians have recently begun to see her usage as a feminist gesture. It is estimated at $ 1.8 million to $ 2.5 million.

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Out-of-focus female wearing a mask

The second picture of the title Portrait of a seated woman three-quarters long, dressed in an elaborate and gold embroidery costume, probably Katerina Savelli, Principesa di Albano (1620), produced early in her career. The subject was identified in 2012 as Genova’s noble Katerina Savelli, after a new study was announced in parallel with the study being conducted at the Mayor Museum. It is estimated at $ 2 to $ 3 million.

In an interview, Sotheby’s Old Master specialist Calvine Harvey said: This is one of the few that has been fully confirmed by Artemisia. “

Both works have been in the Safra collection since the 1990s. Thirty years ago, Safra, who gained a reputation as a top collector of Old Master, but has become less noticeable these days, far exceeds the quotes for both pieces to win the auction.He bought Susanna and the elders It was $ 300,000, more than six times the $ 46,000 estimate made in Sotheby’s, London in 1995. A few years later, he bought a portrait of Savelli for $ 242,000, almost doubling the $ 125,000 estimate.

Safra made two acquisitions when the Old Master market was still soaring as a major auction category. Still, at the time, the female Old Master didn’t demand high prices. Gentileschi’s work currently sells for millions of dollars, but at the time it was relatively expensive. “This wasn’t a highly sought after artist,” Harvey said.

Gentileschi embarked on a departure from the male-dominated style of the era when women were depicted as victims, instead by expressing her female subject as a brave protagonist. By the age of 20, she had established a career as an artist and later became known for her dramatic Caravaggio-influenced style. Historians have her paintings of the violence that survived during her life, both before and during a very public trial in Rome, where she claimed to have been sexually assaulted by her mentor. I have seen the link.

Gentileschi’s work hasn’t been on the market for a long time. Of her known paintings, only about 40 are in the collections of institutions around the world. As her work gains a new level of attention in museums, her work becomes more expensive. 2019, her painting Lucretia It sold in Paris for a record $ 5.3 million (around 1630). If either of the current two paintings reaches a high quote, it will be two of her most expensive works sold on the open market.

Safra, who owns the publisher Britannica, is offloading other works from his collection for the same sale, including works by Peter Van Mor, Gaetano Gandolfi and Anne Vallier Coster. According to a spokesman for the Britannica Group collectors, these Gentileschis are the only remnants owned by Safra. “We believe that these two museum-level paintings are better at the museum,” Safra said, a spokesman said.


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