Sandro Botticelli painting with hidden drawing goes on view in NYC


January 21 (UPI)- A painting by Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli (which was found to have a hidden picture below) was exhibited in New York City on Friday prior to the auction.

Portrait of the resurrected Christ Man of sadness As part of the annual Sotheby’s Masters Week in New York City, we plan to win over $ 40 million at the Thursday auction.

According to the Auction House, this is one of three late Botticelli works (since 1492) and is still in the hands of individuals.

The last Botticelli artwork auctioned, Youth with RoundelIn January 2021, he set a new record for the artist, earning $ 92.2 million.

Man of sadness However, after Sotheby’s researchers discovered that the painting kept a secret, it received new attention this month-a hidden painting of Madonna and a child under a layer of paint.

Infrared images of the painting revealed partial and irrelevant drawings. This indicates that the panel was originally targeted at another subject. The outline of the mother and child is upside down from the final picture of Christ, showing the person pressed from cheek to cheek in a hug.

An infrared scan of the picture showed a picture of the planned Madonna and children’s artwork.Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

“The head of the Son of Christ with an upward gaze is supported by Madonna’s left hand, and the thick folds of her cloak can be seen on her shoulders near the right side of the composition,” the Sotheby’s website said. say.

“This particular compositional pose can be seen from many paintings by Botticelli and his workshops, which is virtually unique and inspirational to the previous ideas of Madonna’s paintings, the mainstay of Botticelli’s work. It shows that it was replaced by the obtained invention. Master. “

According to Sotheby’s, Botticelli was inspired by the enthusiastic preaching of his Dominian brother Girolamo Savonarola when he portrayed the Man of Sorrows, who portrayed Jesus with a crucifixion wound, a crown of thorns, and a ring of little angels. Savonarola preached to sin and encouraged the incineration of works of art considered luxury or idolatry.

In addition, Sotheby’s Masters Week’s art painting and sculpture will auction Collegio, Andrea del Sarto, Artemisia Gentileschi, Giovanni Bellini and Anne Valai Ecostar.



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