São Paulo Murals and Arts Festival, Chroma District, returns on May 21

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The five-month festival starts on Saturday with bike rides and family activities.

St. Paul, Minn. — If you walk through St. Paul’s South St. Anthony Park neighborhood, you’ll notice a series of colorful murals. Known in recent years as the Creative Enterprise District, the neighborhood is home to more than 300 artist studios and maker spaces. The artwork on the walls is the result of Chroma Zone – a mural and art festival that has been running since 2019.

“We have a lot of ideas inside our walls, and we want to move them outside,” said Angela Casselton, executive director of the Creative Enterprise District. “So people, when they come to the area, they recognize the creativity that’s happening here.”

Historically an industrial area dedicated to transportation, the neighborhood is now the second fastest growing residential area in São Paulo. Casselton said 600 new residential units will be added this summer.

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“We have a lot of people who probably even know this community has existed before,” she said.

Festival organizers hope to change that and make the neighborhood a destination for culture and community. Hibaaq Ibrahim, one of 10 muralists at this year’s festival, is excited to bring her style to the region.

“I really like being part of the reason why someone comes to a place to gather and spend time with people,” Ibrahim said. “It just makes me happy.”

Ibrahim, known on Instagram as @moonjuiceart, currently has murals in several Minneapolis restaurants, including Graze Provisions and Libations in North Loop. She plans to make her mural for Chroma Zone after Graze.

“They wanted some bright plants, but they just drove me crazy,” she said. “So I figured I’d do some lettering as well. I’m going to do some research on that neighborhood and maybe see if there’s a phrase that pops up that means something to the residents. I think that’s going to be cool.”

As in previous years, the festival is free and open to the public. Chroma Zone will be hosting family-friendly “Open Streets” on May 21 from 12:30pm to 3:30pm at the intersection of Bradford and Endicott streets, near Deneen Pottery, Urban Growler Brewing Co. and Bang Brewing . Launch events include live painting, bike and bus tours, music, food trucks, craft beer, hands-on activities and more.

To learn more about the festival, visit their website.

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