saola architects completes ‘sculptures of space’ in laos


Announcement of “Sculpture of the Universe” by Saola Architect

The “Sculpture of Space” is a hybrid building in Vientiane, Laos that houses the family. House And the artist residency program.Guided by Saola architect, This project provides owners with the opportunity to live and work outside the normal environment. That is, it provides the time and space to reflect, investigate, and create.

Contextually, the structure is surrounded by adjacent buildings, next to a small dead-end alley. The interior, on the other hand, is a block of breeze from the colonial era, marked by a bold, uniform volume. At first it was a calm design, but for maximum comfort and privacy, the house was largely separated from the outside world. Correspondingly, architects are existing by modifying the layout to free up space, establish connections with the surroundings, and create space for semi-public meetinghouses where socio-cultural activities can take place. Reinterpreted the layer.

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Redefining spatial relationships and the role of family homes

the team In Saola, architects began by carving out existing volumes that span horizontal and vertical planes to create one large void that spans all three floors. This new opening allows wind and natural light to penetrate the center of the building. In addition, the entrance to the new building faces a garden and a gravel square with stairs like a lecture hall for meetings and events. The ground floor is decorated with a theater that creates a romantic atmosphere since the colonial era.

If you go up the stairs to the first floor, the art gallery space will take over. Next to it is a wooden cocoon structure with a finely cut center. You can see the water-filled surface overlooking a small secret garden. When the water runs out, the cocoons can be used as a library or as part of the lounge area.

Space sculpture
Kitchen and living room space under the stairs in the auditorium

Finally, ‘The composition of open and closed spaces creates new dynamics between the past and present worlds.It is a dialogue between generations translated into matter and spaces,’ The team says. By redesigning spatial relationships, it aims to restore the symbolic and native role of the family home as a place of life, acceptance and welcome.

Saola Architects Transform Family Homes into a Semi-Public Cultural Hub in Laos
A wooden cocoon cut out in the center reveals a water-filled surface overlooking a secret garden

Transformation of family home 6
Art gallery space on the 1st floor overlooking the city


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