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My name is Mark Kelly (although known as Saucebook as both a collector and a creator). My background is programming, auditing and consulting. For the past 10 years, I have been focused on financial services compliance and was the Compliance Manager at Coinbase in the UK in 2019. NFTs appeared quite late, but at that time I became interested in cryptography.

My personal creative life may be a little more interesting. I play bluegrass banjos and guitars, write for lifelong recreation, and write several novels. Writing is my main creative expression and I think I still run publications on Medium. The first attempt to create an NFT was a literary NFT created at OpenSea in March 2021. Then set aside, and despite the existence of active trading in the physical first edition, no one is too worried about owning them completely or trading them. Developing that niche will probably require something like JK Rowling to make the new story exclusively available as an NFT.

But that experience gave me an NFT hobby, and I spent six months in 2021 as an avid art collector at Nifty Gateway. Poor timing, suspicious selection criteria, and certainly the paper handed over, but I couldn’t deny my enthusiasm. I’ve been collecting to this day, but I’m no longer relying solely on the Nifty Gateway drop schedule.

In the fall of 2021, I was waiting for the GAN (AI) purchase to be revealed, but this took a few days and I decided to look at the technology behind it. With the help of AI, we found that tools for converting text to images were readily available. This was the door to the entrance to the visual arts space for me, as I was confident that I could create the text prompt needed to generate the beautiful visuals.

A hacker who hijacked my wallet in February 2022 may have shown my favor as I was forced to remove most of those early efforts. It’s easy to use AI and nightmare monsters to generate abstract hot color mess, but it turns out to be difficult to create something that others will love. It took me six months to start creating 2D stills that I feel are professional, but I think there are still ways to continue 3D animation.

Brinnie – Sold at .3ETH of Known Origin

Where are you from? – – I currently live in Hatfield, a suburb of London, England. I was born near Tyneside in the northeast of England, but I still have a bit of that Geordie accent.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

I hate to say that, but I’m currently unleashing NFTs and learning how to make them better. I’m still responsible for daytime work, which is part of Monday-Friday, so weekends are a chance to forget them and do exactly what I want to do (and a little bit of what my family wants to do)

Is there one thing you can’t live without?

There’s nothing irreplaceable, but if you have a single product that combines coffee, alcohol and nicotine, that’s my vote. Nicotine patch is my ironic suppressant. I can’t explain it, but everyone around me knows if I don’t wear it.

Who is your favorite artist (non-NFT)?

Simon Starren Hug. It’s a shame he’s deeply established the anti-NFT view that started when someone hijacked his image for a marble card. I introduced Starren Hug to Tales in the Loop TV series. I think this perfectly captures the post-tech world of his dystopian Rust Belt.

Who is your favorite NFT artist?

Surprisingly, I’m not an AI artist (although I like and support many of my peers). Perhaps I don’t have the skills in this direction, so I’m in awe of 3D model NFTs. And among the 3D crowds, the one that has caught my attention is Jonathan Foerster (@atleastwedream). His Imperatrix is ​​my favorite NFT in my collection (and probably everywhere).

What made you pursue NFT art?

Opportunism (think of selling beeple) made me start with a literary NFT. I started as an NG collector because of my love for art, but what I thought I could do was stimulate AI visual art. Without the very generous (and premature) encouragement from people like Colonbeat, Cedric / 33, and Maru in NFT culture, I probably wouldn’t have done my best.

My big break was that Noealz gave me a chance to collaborate with photos of Asian cities and my AI overlays. I am very grateful to have worked with him. The sold-out drop experience is a further spur to continue crushing. I have developed a Twitter presence and follow, but I’m trying to present my work, not Sakura. The key to me seems to be to improve your skills and products until you can’t ignore them.

What is the biggest sales?

The two pieces from my Cornucopia FND drop each sold for 0.4 ETH (both to the same purchaser).

What is one of the NFT arts you want to buy but miss?

I wish I hadn’t been more negative when everyone around me was buying apes at NG Discord. Not because I love art, but just for financial gain. If there’s one work of art I’d like to have in my collection, it’s probably Ness Graphics’ L0g1st1cs.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Seychelles or Saint Lucia (2 years blockade, sun required). In the long run, Malaga is firmly in my view as a place of retirement.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

AI art technology is evolving day by day. I’m more distracted by the innovative possibilities that come to the stream. However, I recognize that if non-technical art lovers do not have access to the end result, the niche will have limited traction.

Where we are now is just the journey of AI art. Going a little further, you can imagine creating real-time art from verbal input rather than typing, or not using thought control via the Neuralink chip. Or create AI for physical objects using a 3D printer. Instead of focusing on the final product, you can endlessly discuss techniques.

The market gives us the feedback we need to know when we leave the slopes. I was pursuing the goal of creating an animation with a music soundtrack. The market says, “In fact, I prefer these very detailed 2D images that can be expected to hang on the wall.”

Once you’ve created a truly amazing animation for a casual observer, return to that zone. The bar is taller when you consider an 8K resolution game that is almost indistinguishable from a live-action cinema. But I’m using hardware and software to create the tool, so I’m a little closer.

Where can collectors find out more?

Link to website: None (For written works, [email protected])

Social link:

NFT Marketplace Link:

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