Sea Devil design change revealed for next Doctor Who episode

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Only a few weeks after the penultimate Doctor Who episode of Jodie Whittaker. In this episode, the thirteenth doctor fights the classic enemy Sea Devil and the sneaky human enemy in the Chinese sea.

We’re less familiar with the episode than it was when it was first announced in January, but thanks to the Who production team, we’ve revealed some new details about how Sea Devils was updated for the 21st century. rice field.

Costume designer Ray Holman told SFX:

“And if it’s modern and different, with animatronics and all sorts of other things, does it have the same taste as the original?”

I had to make some changes to the classic design. For starters, Sea Devil is a bit shorter than the 1970s, thanks to Jodie Whittaker being much shorter than third doctor John Parttwee.

Another obvious change is due to Sea Devil’s fashion choices. The iconic silver net from its previous look (and the so-so “samurai” costume) was avoided in favor of the more pirated.

New look sea devil design

Still, Holman woven a net into the costume and pattern of the new sea demon armor, including some nods in the original look (see above). Behind the scenes, creature costume maker Robert Allsop also turned to the classic doctor for inspiration, using a vintage mold of the Sea Devil’s Head to make sure it’s continuous. Was there.

“I think I had access to a plaster cast taken around 1980. So I was able to make some important measurements of the overall proportions, and then I was working very hard from the photos in the original episode. “He told SFX.

Doctor Who's Sea Devil

John Partwee confronts the original sea demon BBC

In other words, the new Sea Devils may have some updates, but more than the touch of the old series. The team said they were pleased with the “amazing” reaction to the subsequent improved design. Appeared in the first look teaser trailer.

You know what they say – in detail there are demons (of the sea).

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devil’s Coming to BBC One This Spring – Doctor Who’s previous episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. For more information, please see our dedicated Sci-Fi page or the complete TV Guide.

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