Seeing Machines’ world-leading interior sensing technology on show in suite and in car, at CES 2023

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Seeing Machines’ world-leading interior sensing technology on show in suite and in car, at CES 2023

CANBERRA, Australia, January 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seeing Machines Limited (AIM: SEE), the advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems to improve transportation safety, will showcase its world-leading indoor sensing technology at CES 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), the most influential technology event worldwide, from January 5th through January 7, 2023.

Seeing Machines’ immersive technology demonstrations will be available by appointment at a private suite in the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino and in our demo carto showcase the company’s latest ground-breaking software and algorithm developments for its FOVIO driver and occupant monitoring system (DMS/OMS) technology solutions.

Machines’ DMS and OMS technology can also be found integrated in a series of Tier 1 customer and partner demonstrations, which will also be on display at CES:

  • Magna (LVCC West Hall Booth 4425) – DMS/OMS integration in rearview mirror
  • Ambarella and Autobrains (Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas) – Combined Security Solution in System on Chip (SoC)
  • Analog devices (LVCC West Hall Booth 4725) – DMS with integrated IR LED driver and GMSL camera

Seeing Machines is revolutionizing global transportation safety, developing and licensing proprietary technology to some of the world’s leading automakers.

We use advanced machine vision technology to precisely measure and analyze head position, eyelid movements and eye gaze under a full spectrum of demanding lighting conditions, including through sunglasses. This data is processed to interpret driver attention state, focus, drowsiness and impairment levels to provide critical real-time input to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), as well as to vehicle cabin, comfort and convenience systems.

As the global focus on transportation safety increases, Seeing Machines continues to grow as an automotive technology leader in driver and occupant monitoring systems, having won a total of 15 automotive programs for 10 individual OEMs, spanning more than 160 vehicle models, representing more than 11 billion is undescribed. km of driving data and delivered with proven global automotive tier-1 customers and partners.

Seeing Machines corporate executives and technical experts will be present at CES 2023.

About seeing machines (Aim: SEE), a global company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Australia, is an industry leader in vision-based monitoring technology that enables machines to see, understand and assist humans. See Machines’ technology portfolio of AI algorithms, embedded processing and optics, powering products that must deliver reliable real-time understanding of vehicle operators. The technology extends from the critical measurement of where a driver is looking to classification of their cognitive state as it applies to crash risk. Reliable “driver condition” measurement is the ultimate goal of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology. Seeing Machines develops DMS technology to manage safety for automotive, commercial fleet, off-road and aviation applications. The company has offices in Australia, USA, Europe and Asiaand provides technology solutions and services to industry leaders in every vertical market.

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