SET University and ZibraAI Charity NFT Initiative To Support Education in Ukraine

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SET University and ZibraAI Charity NFT Initiative To Support Education in Ukraine

SET University partners with startups ZebraAI to launch’Ukrainian Tech: building the future’ – a non-fungible token (NFT) charity project.

SET University and ZibraAI create a charitable NFT collection to support education in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. The initiative presents 30 NFT artworks generated using in-house artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology.

ZibraAI is a Ukrainian deep tech startup that creates technologies and products based on AI for the game development industry

Its partner, SET University, is a Ukrainian non-profit educational institution that provides higher education for the technology industry.

All funds raised through the sale of the collection will be used to fund scholarships for educational programs in cybersecurity, blockchain and AI for Ukrainian students.

Speaking about the creation of the project, SET University’s President, Iryna Volnytska, explains how it seeks to reflect the future of Ukraine.

“We tried to imagine the future of Ukraine and what it might look like in 70, 100 or 200 years,” Volnytska comments. “Will it be technological? We undoubtedly already show a high level of digitization.”

Despite this prediction, she confirms that key areas still require development. Volnytska points to education as a mediator of this development.

“We know that positive changes will only be real with high-quality higher education,” she says. “Without this component, it is impossible to imagine our country’s future recovery and development.”

Siren Gallery

Siren Gallery is a charity project that uses technology to overcome the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian invasion. This is the result of the initiative shared between ZibraAI and SET University. The project joins the strong response of the fintech industry to help Ukraine amid the ongoing war.

Young people form the key focus of the project, as their experience will now determine what the country’s future looks like. Undoubtedly, eteaching and the creation of equal educational opportunities are critically lacking in times of war.

The gallery consolidates contemporary artists and members of the technology industry to reinforce the important role of education in Ukraine’s future.

The gallery will contain 30 images, all of which tell a short story about the Ukraine of the future, its discoveries, changes and challenges.

All artworks will be for sale as NFT tokens. The cost of NFT artwork ranges from $150 to $1000.

The release will take place in two phases. The first drop already took place on 23 November. The partnership confirms a second decline before the end of the year.

The educational renaissance of Ukraine
Oleksandr Petrenko, Co-Founder and CEO, ZibraAI

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine damaged 2405 educational institutions and destroyed 270. This destruction thus left Ukraine’s student community completely destitute.

“We are very happy to collaborate with SET University and hope that thanks to this more students will get the decent education they deserve,” says Oleksandr Petrenkoco-founder and CEO of ZibraAI.

You can buy NFT art and support the educational initiative for Ukrainian students here.

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