Shaker Heights artist completes Lakewood’s newest public art mural at fire station

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Lakewood, Ohio-Shaker Heights-based artist Scott Goss recently completed a mural on the east side of Fire Department No. 2, where public art continues to be a priority.

“The basis of the design is to incorporate symbols related to fire protection, and EMS acts as a way to create an immediate connection with the viewer,” Goss said. “Then, superimpose it on some sort of male and female person working together.

“This is intended to show the relationship between firefighters, collaboration and community within the fire department, and the neighborhood.”

Designed to foster conversation and engage the community, the $ 43,750 project was chosen to not only survive the winter in northeastern Ohio, but also provide a soft orange matte surface. Contains corten weathering steel.

Shaker Heights-based artist Scott Goss recently completed a mural on the east side of Lakewood Fire Department No. 2. (John Benson /

The two firefighters were constructed of laser-cut stainless steel and then powder-painted in dark gray to contrast the silhouette with the brick background. At the back of the figure is an LED light that runs along the perimeter, allowing you to see your project both day and night.

Scott Goss, an interdisciplinary artist exploring a variety of media such as public art, sculpture, installations and glass, has completed numerous public art projects and commissions.

His work has been exhibited nationwide and is represented by galleries in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

“Public art is a catalyst for change and conversation in the neighborhood,” Goss said. “I’ve been doing some projects now, and I’ve heard positive and negative criticisms of the work I’ve created.

“Lakewood has a great program set up for public art. They were able to create a good collection of public art in the city. It created an identity that created an important conversation in art and design. rice field.”

The recent establishment of a fire department is the result of the city’s 2016 Public Art Task Force, encouraging Lakewood to create opportunities to include art in public spaces and facilities.

“We chose artist Scott Goss through the competitive bidding process,” said Sean Reilinger, Planning Director at Lakewood.

“Scott’s sculpture subtly nods to Fire Department No. 2 and captures the symbols and tools of Fire Department men and women.”

The Goss project is one of many installations related to the city’s capital improvement project.

Examples of past installations include LKWD letters and street murals at Wagger Park, and the movement of grass leaves from the intersection of Detroit and Sloan Avenue to Kaufman Park.

Recently, Reilinger pointed out that the city has completed a skatehouse toilet facility project. Freddie Hill Design created a wall installation from Moses Cleveland brand wood that was removed from Summit Avenue due to wood safety concerns due to rot.

The skatehouse will soon feature a mosaic of historic photographs from an adjacent outdoor ice rink made of skateboards created by local artist Joey Strunk.

“It’s exciting to see these visions come true and otherwise strengthen the blank wall,” Reilinger said.

“Public art installations complement and diversify mural installations that have been implemented for several years through the Spectacular Burnacular Program. Together, they add quality and give a sense of the place of our community. Make it rich. “

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