“Shiny buildings are always a bad idea” says commenter

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In this week’s comment update, readers discuss Frank Gehry’s greatest residential skyscrapers and other top stories with newly revealed visuals.

The Forma project consists of two towers, a 298 meter high west tower and a 262 meter high east tower. This is the tallest residential tower Gary has ever designed.

“Chaos of the façade, luxurious spartan interior”

Readers were not convinced by the visuals of the skyscrapers that housed the luxury condominiums and the extended campus of the University of Ontario (OCAD).

“We have wasted a lot of stainless steel to create a completely unpleasant look and feel,” says George Panagos.

“After a few rains, all the shiny stainless steel will be covered with a window-stained film and dull,” said Jack Woodburn.

“Glossy buildings are always a bad idea. At some point during the day, the driver will be blind,” T Foxe added. “I’m really tired of the bragging rights of architects and designers, rather than meeting the needs of the real world.”

Don Bronchema wasn’t impressed either: “The chaos of the façade, the gorgeous spartan interior.”

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Domus Trimaran designed as “the world’s first zero-emission superyacht”

“What happens if you hit a hectic swell or breaker in the ocean?”

Yacht design studios Van Geest Design and Rob Doyle Design have devised the Trimaran concept for “the first truly zero-emission yacht with over 750 gross tons” and have sparked controversy among readers.

Zea Newland wasn’t convinced that “what else do you know about zero emissions? All superyachts that aren’t built.”

“I don’t know why people beat yachts, but I admire the $ 5 million wasted two-seater hypercar,” Bsl said. “On the other hand, this yacht is very livable and probably cheaper than apartments in most major European cities.”

“What happens if you hit a hectic swell or breaker in the ocean?” Mattmo asked. “Does it pass or does it pass? It’s a large surface area for waves to collide.”

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Annie Barrett and Hye-Young Chung
Annie Barrett and Hyeyoung Chung build a “house in the house” in Los Angeles

“House in the house” in Los Angeles is “nice” and “beautiful”

Readers were impressed with this California home designed for art lovers.

“It’s a very unusual layout, but it’s beautifully performed and looks like it’s working very well,” says The Discreet Architect. “I love the built-in storage that keeps everything looking very clean, and Louflight creates a very bright interior.”

“A really nice house,” JZ agreed. “Well, conceptualized and detailed, and ah, the luxury of a 2,200-square-foot one-bedroom home.”

“It’s really, very beautiful,” added Patrick Kennedy. “Bravo”

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ODA is designing a tapered skyscraper wrapped in Fort Lauderdale's steel grid
ODA is designing a tapered skyscraper wrapped in Fort Lauderdale’s steel grid

“Glitch architecture is back”

Readers were not impressed with the design of ODA for the development of umbels in two skyscrapers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“Ultimately, Fort Lauderdale is nothing more than a skyscraper, and the only people who live there are wealthy people,” said Ken Stephens. “They are destroying all their history and character, turning the city into a densely populated destination for tourists.”

Heywood Floyd wasn’t a fan either. “It’s like BIGlite, and before you asked, yes, I realized it was a verbose concept,” he continued.

“The glitch architecture is back,” George Panagos added.

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