Singapore Airlines puts a new spin on fashionable plane wear

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On Friday, SIA unveiled about 25 small products already on sale under the banner of the Upcycling Project. This includes older A380 first class suites, business seats, large custom-designed chairs and other furniture made from overhead cabin compartments, and much more. ..

Major regional brands such as Tocco Toscano (TOS) and Charles & Keith and Bad Artisan have worked with airlines to create a variety of personal wear items, home design items and fashion items such as leather clutches, cloth tote bags, dresses and shirts.

The TOS x SIA Wrist Strap Clutch Bag is made from an unused life jacket and contains the famous red toggle.

world’s first

Products currently on sale on the Tocco Toscano website and SIA’s start at around $ 37 ($ 37.80) on airline coasters, and include mobile phone bags, purses and daily TOS x SIA capsules. Collection bundles range up to $ 720. Pouch.

If you’re looking for a last-minute sock filler, the TOS x SIA S $ 167 Wristlet Clutch is better than the TOS x SIA S $ 167 Wristlet Clutch for the special frequent flyers of your life. ??

The red pull tab on the clutch (from the airline life jacket) acts as a zipper puller. “Remove the flat wristlet strap for a different way of carrying, or buy a limited edition to improve your look. [S$149] The Seatbelt Bag Strap Add-on for Crossbody Options recommends TOS Online Fashion Commentary.

These straps are available in black, burgundy and navy. This is a color familiar to regular Singapore Airlines passengers.

Supermama x SIA’s large bowl set uses in-flight tableware that has been given fresh life.

“This meaningful collaboration gives us the opportunity to participate in larger upcycling initiatives while expanding our product range,” said Joseph Lor, CEO of TOS.

SIA claims that this upcycled airplane project is the first in the world. It’s hard to remember that other airlines modified old parts in this way, but Qantas has long been making a fuss about selling products that have reached their best-by date online.

When the 747 jumbo jet recently retired, the large silver bar carts used in economy and business class sold out in hours for over $ 1475 per jet. They were completely in stock and sold with delivery included in the price.

There is no shortage of partners in SIA’s upcycling projects. Singapore’s design-driven lifestyle brand Supermama is a flagship store in the capital’s National Museum for customizing tableware with Supermama-designed SIA and other aviation-inspired decals. The workshop will start in January.

Fashion brand ANS.EIN has made a variety of tops and dresses using the structural nature of life jackets. This is great for creating 3D frills on your clothes.

SIA will upcycle aircraft parts and materials to art or design courses by educational institutions such as the Institute of Technical Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Nian Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Management to reuse all the last parts. Is donating.

Four Singapore-based artists and sculptors, Baet Yeok Kuan, Kumari Nahappan, Sun Yu-Li and Yeo Chee Kiong, are also part of the project, creating retail artwork from aircraft slats, brackets and fuselage. I am.

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