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Complete 3D art built to provide real utility, metaverse development, world domination

As the physical artist begins exploring the NFT, the diamonds begin to appear roughly. Neo-Pop Artist Theodor is the best type of artist to enter the realm of non-fungible tokens.

I use different types of media to realize my vision, including 3D, vectors, traditional drawings, collages, mixed media, and photography. My cheerful, bizarre and colorful characters in a fantastic environment sometimes seem a bit intimidating, but in the end they are friendly.

From balloons to vinyl figurines in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, even if you don’t know who Theodor is, you’ll quickly discover his unique and unique style.

To be sure, the first big influence on my work was my childhood and teenage experience as a taxidermist. Another great source of influence on my work is the classic comics I grew up with and love to this day. All the cartoons from Disney, Max Fleischer, Ub Iwerks, Grimna Twick and Hanna-Barbera have had a huge impact on my character-based work.

Another important influence is the work of Hieronymus Bosch. Of course, I’ve been heavily influenced by the Surrealist movement and pop art artists such as Liechtenstein, Warhol and Herring.

You can read the full interview in the medium.

The details of the project are still firmly retained. Currently, we don’t know the price, supply, or even release date of mint, but the excitement of this project has reached an enthusiastic pitch. With more than 23,000 Twitter followers and nearly 50,000 discords, this project could follow a similar trajectory to other well-established projects such as Azuki and CloneX. We will update the NFT Culture Community as pricing details become available.

The Skulltoons team wants to put a great deal of emphasis on the security of NFT spaces. As this space and our project continue to mature, it becomes increasingly important to protect it in the field.One of the ways you can do it is to turn off Your DM for discord and make it so no one can DM you. It also drops a lot of important information related to SKULLTOONS there, so you can turn on notifications in the announcement channel! Do not connect your wallet to a website or click a link.

The official SKULLTOON link is:

Here is the official artist link


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