So now I can’t edit 360 images in Photoshop?


You might have thought that the world’s most powerful image editing software could do as easy as editing a 360-degree spherical panorama, but obviously it’s not.

Previously used as part of Photoshop’s once vast 3D workspace. But now, as of Photoshop 22.5, Adobe explains that the process of removing 3D features has begun. In fact, 22.5 was released in August 2021, so it’s not a new update, but it’s news for me that I can’t edit 360-degree images anymore.

Goodbye Photoshop 3D

Previously, you could use the Spherical Panorama menu to edit 360 ° equirectangular images in Photoshop. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

I’m saying I can’t do it now, so if you try it, it may not work. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

Hmm … no. It does not work. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

Adobe relies on general-purpose OpenGL CPU hardware acceleration for its 3D tools, and over time, it has taken over the new platform-specific “native” GPU APIs for Windows (Direct X) and Macintosh (Metal). Instead, they explain that these are better. More stable performance.


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