Solana co-founder says kissing frogs is the optimal approach to blockchain design

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Solana co-founder in a short video clip Anatoly Jacobenko Cardano criticized that the approach to blockchain development would lead to longer transit times.

Jacobenko said it’s the only way to cut corners or, as he says, ship on time to “kiss the frog in your design.” Such statements mean that security, reliability, and robustness are not immediate concerns for Yakovenko.

It is unknown when the clip was taken. However, the tweet was posted shortly after the Solana Network went down again.

Solana Network suffered another outage

Tweets from Solana’s Twitter June 1

We have confirmed that a “durable nonce transaction feature bug” has shut down the entire network.

“Today, a bug in the durable non-transaction feature caused nondeterminism when nodes produced different results for the same block, hindering the advancement of the network.“”

The network is Restore Following the “Resume Mainnet Beta” by the evening of June 1st. updateTwo hours later, I requested the validator to upgrade the software version.

Last month, the bot exploited a flaw in the Candy Machine NFT minting protocol, causing a flood of traffic. Network congestion, reaching 4 million inbound transactions per second, knocked out consensus and crashed the node.

According to Solana’s Hours Tracker, there were 12 downtimes this year, three of which were major outages.

As expected, social media was flooded with negative comments.repetition theme In the comments, there was a question about the feasibility of the project due to frequent network outages.

What did Jacobenko say?

In a short video clip, Yakovenko said he was familiar with Cardano, who had previously done Haskell programming.

But when considering their approach to building blockchain technology, Jacobenko called it “esoteric.” This means being highly specialized and appealing / understanding in a small niche. He added that the unwavering focus on Cardano’s accuracy is the reason it never ships.

“The approach they take is very esoteric and pierces their * ss about correctness so much. That’s why they never ship.”

Yakovenko explained the reality of coding as he sees it. Even if that means kissing a frog along the way, getting things done is a top priority.

“As an engineer who has to ship the code and pay for it, it just doesn’t work. You like it, swallow it, and kiss a couple of frogs in your design you know. Then you have to ship things and get it done … “

To date, the Cardano chain has been 100% network uptime.

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