Solana Now Has a Beer—With DeGods, Okay Bears and Other NFTs on the Can

Solana Now Has a Beer—With DeGods, Okay Bears and Other NFTs on the Can


  • Solana Summer Shandy is a new beer from barrelDAO, a community owned brewery.
  • The tins feature images of numerous Solana NFT projects, and the packs are sold by redeemable NFTs.

There’s a Solana smartphone, and a Solana IRL store—and now a Solana beer.

Solana Summer Shandy just dropped today, but unlike the recently opened store and upcoming smartphone project, this alcoholic lemonade shandy drink doesn’t come from the Solana Foundation or its core network contributors, Solana Labs.

Instead, the beer is the creation of barrelDAO, a user-controlled brewery and distillery. Solana Summer Shandy is released in limited quantities: only 333 total 16-packs of beereach represented by a Solana NFT which can be purchased today and then redeemed from Monday to receive the beer.

BarrelDAO planned to start the sale earlier this afternoon on the top Solana NFT market, Magic Edenbut at publication was apparently still sorting through problems with the drop. Each 16-pack sells for 1.35 SOL, or currently almost $45, and that price includes shipping to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

And the beer represents Solana in more than just name and redemption signs: the cans are also plastered with original works of art by Mark Lauthierwith references to a wide variety of Solana-based NFT projects, along with specific avatars within those collections.

Solana Summer Shandy from barrelDAO. Image: barrelDAO

Look closely and you will see images and other references to popular Solana NFT projects such as DeGods, Degenerate Ape Academy, Good Bere, Solana Monkey BusinessThugbirdz, Cets on Creck, Catalina Whale Mixer, and John Lê’s “The First Edition.”

Dave Goldman, co-founder and CEO of Barrel Labs, tells Decrypt that barrelDAO itself owns approximately 20 of the individual NFTs referred to on the tins, while 23 of them appear via license agreements reached with the holders of the individual NFTs.

An NFT is a blockchain token that represents ownership in an item, such as digital artwork, collectibles, and video game items. They can also be used as an entry pass to an event or community, or exchanged for goods. The NFT market surged in 2021, generate $25 billion worth of trade volume.

Many NFT projects allow holders to commercialize their own artwork and use it to create their own derivative artwork, products and other projects. The Ethereum-based Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most famous example, and keepers used their Apes for things like restaurants, sweetsalcohol and marijuana packaging, virtual bandsand much more.

“Over the past three days, we’ve painstakingly gone through and licensed every single NFT used in this can design,” Goldman said Thursday. “We knew this could start a big conversation about IP in the NFT space, and wanted to make sure we set a standard for others [consumer packaged goods] brands to follow.”

There is already a conversation – and some debate – about the use of IP rights around NFTs. Yuga Labs has inspired numerous other NFT projects with its permissive Bored Ape license, but there is question about whether current rights grants effectively transfer IP rights to holders, including whether they would hold up in a court of law.

Just last week, crypto investment firm Galaxy Digital released a research report suggesting that the Bored Apes license in particular contains inconsistencies over IP ownership. It also claims that Yuga Labs and Moonbirds creator Proof are among the Web3 builders which “misled” NFT owners about the extent of IP rights they have.

It’s relatively early days to figure out the legalities for IP rights surrounding NFTs, but that debate and confusion hasn’t stopped a bunch of NFT owners from offering up their avatars for the Solana Summer Shandy release. And it’s a conversation that can go more smoothly with an ice-cold drink in hand.

The pseudonymous Solana NFT collector Topo Gigio tweeted that their NFT were included in the Boogle project. “When barrelDAO reached out to use my Boogle on the beer art for their upcoming release ‘Solana Summer Shandy,’ I was PUMPED to be a part of it,” they wrote.

In addition to launching NFT tokens to use for real beer, barrelDAO is also selling NFT versions of the digital artwork. Each edition of the artwork will sell for 0.69 SOL (about $23) and offer holders as yet unspecified benefits around future barrelDAO product releases.

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