SpiceDAO NFT Plans for “Dune” Art Book Fall Flat


Cryptography after it was discovered that a copy of a book about Alejandro Jodorowski’s adaptation was found in a validation development for those who were critical of culture, such as hype that grew around the proliferation of NFTs. The group is currently roasted Dunes Under the false impression, they were able to create and distribute it as an NFT.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, SpiceDAO, which reportedly paid $ 2.66 million in a book auction, which is about 100 times the original asking price. Announcing the latest acquisition on Twitter, “Publish books (to the extent permitted by law)”, “Create original animation-only series inspired by books and sell them to streaming services”, “Support community-derived projects” I will outline their intention.

But what they didn’t realize was that they just bought a version of the book and didn’t have the right to duplicate the work, just as they didn’t have the right to make a Spider-Man movie when they bought a Spider-Man cartoon. It means that. .. SpiceDAO effectively purchased a limited edition copy of the book and did not purchase the legal rights to the work.

To insult the injuries, the book has already been fully scanned and has been available online since 2011, planning to burn a copy as a marketing stunt to raise the price of the planned NFT series. I am. (Although their plan to sell videos where they are burning books as NFTs may still work.)

Aside from the huge financial aspects of SpiceDAO, it’s a good time to revisit the illustrations of Mobius and HR Giger that were originally used to market adaptations for the film. Given the popularity of the latest version of Frank Herbert’s science fiction epic by Dennis Villeneuve, it’s a phonebook-sized book full of concept art, notes, and more adapted to the adaptations of avant-garde French-Chile filmmakers. ..

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