Spotlight: Tel Aviv Artist Orly Maiberg Obliterates Horizon Lines Through Her Abstract Landscapes


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About the artist: Tel Aviv-based artist Orly Maiberg (b.1958) has spent her career exploring the tensions and harmony between nature and human figures. The scale of these figures occupies most of the canvas of her “Bedroom Eyes” series from the early days, so it is drawn to the sublime and noisy environment of her recent works currently being seen. Until, it changed dramatically according to the intention of the series at “Where are you going from here” at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles. Myberg’s work has been featured at exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Jose, Tel Aviv, Israel and Haifa.

Why do you like it: In 2015, after many years of painting in the realist tradition, Maiberg began experimenting with painting on loose raw canvas. This shift to more free welding materials encouraged Maiberg to change her style of expression. In her current work, the viewer needs to look for the little isolated person she draws, which is volatile, turning the direction of an abstract landscape without an identifiable horizon. In one picture, a tightrope walker has a hard time keeping balance. In another example, a person jumps into a sea of ​​purple and blue splashes. These scenes are ambiguous, filled with unresolved suspense, pulling back and pulling back again.

According to the artist: “When the canvas was out of the frame, my approach to painting changed. My movements in the studio evolved intuitively, giving me more freedom to make full-body gestures, put canvas on the floor, kneel, and more. The use of diluted ink paint introduced randomness and led to abstraction. “Where to go from here” is an important step in the artistic path of challenging abstraction. I feel it is, but the figure is still an important factor for me. It defines a space with fragile figures, which is bound by somewhat vague rules … The work of this exhibition was recently completed. Some were drawn while being blocked and restricted in my studio space in Jaffa. Like many others, I was trapped in this strange limbo and forced to introspect, ponder and reassess my views. With the horizon invisible, a flying, falling, or suspended person emerged from my canvas, either released into a fantastic endless world or trapped forever. “

Balancing (2018)
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Orly Maiberg, Balancing (2018). Courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

Blue hole (2020)
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Orly Maiberg, Blue Hole (2020). Courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

Orly Maiberg, Blue hole (2020). Courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

Pull the rope (2020)
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Orly Maiberg pulls the rope (2020). Courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

Orly Maiberg, Pull the rope (2020). Courtesy of Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

“Where are you going from here?” Will be on display at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery until March 22, 2022.

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