Staff photographer John Heider retires after 31-year career


In the era of 35 mm film photography, if you knew exactly how to load a canister into a Nikon, you could typically do about 38 exposures on 36 rolls with coaxial cable.

In recent years, there have been so many orthopedic “problems” that I feel like I’m looking at the film counter. It is always 36 or 37. So, since 1996, more or less after serving as a photographer for the living staff in my hometown, it’s time to take the last roll out of the camera and give it to the next photojournalist.

54,000 photos. 54,000 is about the same number of selections, tones, crops, captions, and saved snaps in 25 years at Hometown Life. Over the years, more and more images have been sent through 35mm and digital cameras, such as Unarbor News and stints at Ipsinati Press.

I think I could take that big 54K number and multiply it by 15 to get an approximate total of the images I took before editing, but I’m not good at math, so to be honest I I would rather not want to.Enter all Those zeros.

John Haider

I think I’ve been able to continue for a while, but after four orthopedic surgeries (three times that in the last 30 years) and heavy injections, MRI, and physiotherapy in the last eight years, the answer isn’t necessarily more. .. But hopefully few. As I approach the age of 60, retirees are less hurt. He pays attention to volunteering, moderate exercise, and a little laziness about being thrown in moderately.


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