Starfield: 13 Pieces of New Concept Art Revealed

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The video of the new Starfield developer revealed a lot of new concept art for the next space RPG.

Published as part of Episode 2 of the Into the Starfield series, the concept art shows new places, enemies, and more. Some of them are explained more specifically by the developers themselves.

You can check out all the new art below.

Starfield-March 2022 New Concept Art

In the video, we found that some art represents a particular place based on Starfield’s main faction.

You can see the smooth, sunny ships and the home of the United Colony Space Republic.

It is also home to the Freestar Collective, offering a more “Space Western” approach. It was previously found that this place is the capital of a collective called Akira. However, it is unclear if Akira can be hijacked or needs to be released, as the symbols on the lower wall appear to be related to the Crimson Fleet pirates.

There are also cities affected by the cyberpunk of Ryujin Industries Mega Corporation, where you can start working for your company.

It also seems that he learned a little more about the game’s more clearly evil pirate faction (participable and even double cross), the Crimson Fleet, and took a look at one of their NPC designs.

There’s a lot more to see, many of which remain intriguingly unexplained. The developer explained that the game wants to provide the question “what’s there?” They promise romance, adventure, and mystery along the way, but say there is another layer that presents the universe and makes players “ask big questions.”

The video also included game-focused information, such as the first published companion and how the old Oblivion mechanics were revived for the new dialogue system.

The long-awaited Xbox Console Limited Edition arrives on November 11th, marking Bethesda’s first new series in decades. We’ve gradually learned about the game, including first-person and third-person perspectives, full mod support, player choice of pronouns, and character reaction accordingly.

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