Statue of women in Central Park courtesy of New Jersey resident

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On Central Park’s Literary Avenue, a place next to Scottish poet Robert Burns has been empty for 175 years — just trees and shrubs.

But in August 2020, a 14-foot-tall bronze sculpture was installed there, depicting feminists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and the Sojourner Truth to commemorate empowering women to vote Centennial of the 19th Amendment.

It’s the park’s first new statute in 70 years, and the first to represent a woman who truly changed history — not a fictional or mythical woman like Mother Goose or Alice in Wonderland.

Millions have visited the Women’s Rights Pioneer Monument on 68th Street, including the men on Literary Avenue, one of the park’s most popular areas.

It has become the best place to take selfies, take flowers, and listen to Meryl Streep, Viola Davis and Rita Moreno tell themed stories on the Talking Statutes app, which Available for download on the website. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, it became an impromptu monument with an “I Vote” sticker on Election Day 2020. Two female New York City mayoral candidates launched their campaigns in front of the monument, where Gov. Kathy Hochul unveiled her abortion rights agenda.

Born and raised in Montclair, Meredith Bergmann is a sculptor for the new Women's Rights Pioneer Monument in New York City's Central Park, in her studio.

However, few people who see sculpture know the enormous effort that goes into getting the artworks funded, approved, created and installed. Few people know that the drive and talent of the two Montclair residents are at the heart of this work.

One of them was the sculptor Meredith Bergman herself, who was born in the town and graduated from Montclair High School in 1982. Now living in Massachusetts with her filmmaker husband Michael Bergman, she is the creator of many public sculptures, including the Boston Women’s Memorial, and is known for creating artworks that tell stories from the past, With a sense of mischief.

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