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Beata Heuman, a London-based AD100 decorator, has captivated the world with colorful and charming homes and has worked with clients of all kinds. But she admits that she has developed a type: people who are just starting a family by towing one or two young children. So two just-married (and childless) 20s hired her to find a spacious two-story corner apartment in London’s trendy Notting Hill district with a private roof terrace! ) Was, well, a kind of liberation.

“It was a lot of fun to design for young couples, where it’s more important to entertain, be comfortable and relaxed, than to think too much about the diaper station,” says Heuman. In this project, she worked closely with senior designer Caroline Barker. When they got a job, they found the apartment a little more popular. “Neighbors knew it as a party flat,” says Heuman. She and her team embarked on folklore and created the highest possible entertainment opportunities.

To create a distinctly different atmosphere in the library, Human and Barker covered the walls and cabinets with French-polished birch plywood. They even created a custom grill to cover the radiator. The cub chair is from the Human shopper line, the painted table is custom and the pendant is vintage.

The hotel turned into an apartment in the late 19th century-hidden inconspicuously above some stores-had good bones, but with some rather unfortunate intervention. So Humans and Barker used their magic. Their biggest architectural tweak was to turn the awkward stairs (one of the first things you see when entering a house from the street) into what humans describe as a “dive.” It’s dynamic, cyclical, and more welcoming. Meanwhile, around the house, they made uplifting updates. They removed a lot of bulky built-in storage, freed up as much space as possible, installed traditional cabinets all the way to the ceiling in the kitchen (and more storage!), And cozy upstairs library space. With a polished French birch plywood panel. The dark brown floors downstairs weren’t really their preference, but they chose the least invasive option: pretty fuchsia, inspired by floor humans timed in Palermo on their honeymoon. Not a paint coat. It set the tone of the project.

“The challenge was to celebrate the openness of the space, but it didn’t make the two of us feel overwhelmingly big,” explains Heuman. She ponders floor plans in different ways for clients to move around the house. And when decorating this spacious apartment with two people, she wanted to make sure that the space wasn’t empty or unused. “We do a lot with contrast and create a different mood for each room. We need a reason to go to different areas,” she continues. Therefore, a cozy, moody, wood-covered library. Dressing area adjacent to the fantastic terrace. And a cork-covered office.

Clients originally wanted a minimalist home, but when it comes to furniture, fabrics and, of course, their fuchsia floors, Humans and Barker were happy to move them a little more fantasy. The furniture is a colorful and casual combination of vintage and antique, bespoke designs, and the work of Human’s own line, Shopper. And like all Human projects, there are lots of unique touches. The lamps in the dining area are topped with bespoke shades by Royce Bryson Edmet, a junior designer in Human’s office. The blackboard-painted fireplace is adorned with graffiti and messages from friends. Custom headboards have been created for petite guest bedrooms. And when a client with Swedish roots like Human requested Scandinavian references, the designer injected some bold Joseph Frank prints from Stockholm’s design mecca Svenskt Ten into the space. Did.

The Human Dodo Egg Pendant sits on top of a primary bath with a washbasin with a nickel faucet in Drammond and a mirror (painted like green linen) that hides plenty of storage space. The vintage wooden cupboard is curtained with Les Indiennes fabric.

The center of the house is the open-plan upstairs space, with two cozy pinch sofas (human favorites) facing each other in the sitting area adjacent to the kitchen and dining space. Classic cabinets extend to the ceiling (Human is inspired by the kitchen at Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia), allowing you to move custom butcher blocks on the wheels to suit your mood. The French extended dining table in the early 19th century (one of the first to buy in an apartment) is the perfect canvas for a dinner party. Its rich and warm walnut wood is worn enough that clients don’t have to feel valuable about it. .. “The open area here acts as a dance floor and there’s a bar here,” explains Human, pointing out a custom bar drawn by a specialist. Soon they will add a DJ deck to the right of it. The music becomes a little groovy and you can imagine the exact post-supper moment when guests take off their shoes.

“Well, that might still be a bit party flat,” Human admits and laughs. “But it looks better than ever.”



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