Stephen King Shares Terrifying AI Art of Pennywise

Stephen King Shares Terrifying AI Art of Pennywise

AI art has become quite common these days, and the results can be anywhere from fascinating to terrifying. American scientist previously explained the method as “artists writing algorithms not to follow a set of rules, but to ‘learn’ a specific aesthetic by analyzing thousands of images. The algorithm then tries to generate new images consistent with the aesthetic what it taught.” We’ve seen a lot of interesting things as a result of AI art, and author Stephen King just shared a pretty epic piece of Pennywise the Clown. The horror icon was made famous by King’s book IT, and screen adaptations of the story only made the terrifying villain more popular. Now we can’t miss this new AI version of Pennywise.

“This was done by an AI bot. I asked my tech friend, Jake, to put Pennywise on a bike and it came out,” King wrote. You can check out the art below:

Recently, King said that he does not plan to write any more books about Pennywise. After the success of Warner Bros.’ twofold IT film adaptation, it was announced that a prequel series called Welcome to Derry was developed for HBO Max. Naturally, many fans wondered if King would be involved with the show. The writer clarified his involvement and talked about any future IT projects while on Bloody Disgusting’s The Losers Club Podcast.

“Well, I don’t have a relationship with Pennywise right now,” King shared. “Because I have no intention of going back IT… it’s in the hands of people who do it… Andy and Barbara [Muschietti] going to do Welcome to Derry, they talk about it anyway. And they kind of have a handshake deal, I think, with HBO Max.

Recently, King’s son Joe Hill had his own work adapted. The Black Phone Etan Hawke stars as “The Grabber” and Hill narrates Screen ridge that the character was originally a part-time clown, but they changed him to a magician due to the success of IT and the popularity of Pennywise.

“I had one big creative input, which is — I don’t know if we want to get into the weeds. I had one big creative input, which was when I read the first draft, it was very, very faithful to the story and, in the short story, when Finney is kidnapped by The Grabber, the guy introduces himself as a part-time clown,” Hill explained. Screen ridge. “He was still a part-time clown in the film, in the script, which was kind of a natural evolution because the character somewhat echoes the crimes of John Wayne Gacy. But I read the script and I don’t remember if IT had come out at that point or was just about to come out, and I said, ‘Man, I don’t think he can be a part-time clown, not with Pennywise going to explode on the American consciousness. I just think there’s room for only one deadly clown. So what if we made him a part-time wizard instead?'”

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