Street art showing Anne Frank burning the Z symbol appears in Milan

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Anne Frank, dressed in Ukrainian colors and burning the Z symbol of the Russian invasion, is the new symbol of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

A new piece of street art in Milan depicts the famous Holocaust victim in a light blue dress and scarf in blue and yellow, the national colors of Ukraine, holding a burning red paper It says a Z in a white circle. The paper features the Z symbol for the Russian invasion force, reminding observers of the Nazi swastika.

Artist AleXsandro Palombo is an Italian contemporary pop artist and activist known for his colourful, reflective and irreverent works that focus on pop culture, society, diversity, inclusion , ethics and human rights.

Palumbo made a name for himself after portraying The Simpsons at Auschwitz. The song titled “Never Again” appeared in 2015.

“We are witnessing a mode of warfare that evolves in many ways, including fake news and social network propaganda, to influence sentiment and public opinion. Putin’s ‘denazification’ is a massive propaganda and mystification justifying a brutal invasion Action. Ukraine,” Palumbo wrote on Instagram.

The Simpsons at Auschwitz by Alexsandro Palombo (Image: ALEXSANDRO PALOMBO)

“Memory is one of the most powerful antibodies [mistake in source] This allows us to protect ourselves from the current danger,” he added.

“We have to educate the new generation and tell them what happened. We have to do it unfiltered and outspoken over and over again through the memory of facts and horrific images that reflect the horrors of the Holocaust and the extinction of millions of human beings This is all beings,” he said of the painting.

Dutch Jewish girl Anne Frank was a Holocaust victim best known for her famous diary that she kept while hiding in the attic with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Frank and her family were eventually found and sent to Auschwitz. The girl’s statue was recently stolen in Buenos Aires, but has since been returned to its original location.

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