StudioAC designs this contemporary Toronto home


Studio AC’s Toronto Home is a balance between volume and ideas

Studio AC’s Toronto home, the Badenhaus, is a balance between tradition and modernity.

A customer of Everdenhaus, a new home in Toronto, asked for a “sorry modern” home when approaching by outsourcing to local architect Studio AC. And they certainly got their wish. Set in a residential area, this project combines the atmosphere of the 21st century with clean shapes, warm wood and minimalist architecture. At the same time, it responds to the desire of the owner, the family, to have something “unique”, while retaining clues to the traditional idea of ​​the “house”.

result? The three-story dwelling, made up of a stack of geometric volumes, has a unique gable roof. Tall and slender, if you squint, the house may even look like a typical narrow terrace. But when approaching, it is clearly a modern structure, devised to interpret the typical vision of a house into a modern home space. The experience of walking in a house with wood-covered interiors and large windows should evoke a sense of impactful, but not luxurious space, according to the author.

The architect, led by studio founders Jennifer Kudratz and Andrew Hill, details: Level 3 gable space is related to the roofline, but the ground floor is often driven to cubic space and also offers gable extrusion to enhance the “home” feel of the entire shared living space. It has been decided that you need to. It combines 3D stacking and staggering plane measurements with material orientation, playing with definitions between shapes, spaces and motifs.

The design aims to be timeless, but livable, providing a balance between the quest for architectural themes and the real family home. For architects, the warm and durable wood surface inside is offset by a slightly stiff exterior covered with corrugated metal. It explains, “It’s durable, affordable, and familiar.” This is another contrast that gives this Toronto home an identity, a subtle equilibrium of seemingly conflicting elements, but instead put together a very satisfying whole. .. §



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