Stunning Backyard Bird Photography by Jessica Kirste

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The work of photographer Jessica Kirste proves that you don’t have to go to exotic places to take amazing pictures of wildlife. Her own backyard is a fertile land, and she made good use of it in 2021 to capture the birds that call it her hometown. After gaining her slow trust, she was able to move from taking pictures of her through her window to joining them outside. That’s when magic really started.

Kirste gained access to their world when the birds began to look at her as a source of peanuts. The result is breathtaking. She likes to shoot moving birds, so her pictures are full of flying birds, feeding birds, and bathing birds. Focusing directly on the bird with few other birds in the frame allows the viewer to drink the animal’s behavior without distraction. In particular, she’s crazy about the Blue Jays. This species is in favor of her and she makes the most of it.

“They are very friendly, very smart, and very pretty backyard birds with all those blue shades,” Kirste tells my Modern Met. “They quickly learned a year ago that I was a peanut supplier and could pick up curbs here. I could go out and shake a peanut bag to call them. , And if they are nearby they will all fly. No other bird reacts that way. I control the number of peanuts they get, and I keep a bunch of them It’s not just about throwing there. They helped me learn how to take better pictures of little birds in flight. They gave great pictures with crazy movements and twists in the air. I will create it. “

Blue jay in flight by Jessica Kirste

The Blue Jays aren’t the only star in Kirste’s bird photography. Woodpeckers, cardinals, and even ducks regularly appear in her Instagram feed. These animals are always on the go, so Kirste is always on his toes. Never knowing what will happen next and when the next great photo will happen is part of what continues to inspire her creatively. She hopes her work will be a lesson for others to know that she can take great pictures of her in her backyard.

“You may not see anything when you look out from inside, but if you sit there and wait, you’ll probably see a lot of birds coming to your yard that you didn’t know. Set up a box or have unsalted peanuts at hand to see the friends who come to the feathered visitors every day. “

Jessica Kirste is known for her pictures of gorgeous backyard birds.

Yellow cardinalJessica Kirste Bird Photo

The Blue Jays are Kirste’s favorite theme.

Blue jay by Jessica KirsteBlue jay in flight by Jessica KirsteBlue jay in flight by Jessica Kirste

But she loves photography of all kinds of moving birds.

Jessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste Bird PhotoWoodpecker in flightJessica Kirste Bird Photo

She wants her work to inspire others to enter their gardens and interact with wildlife.

Jessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste Bird PhotoJessica Kirste: Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photographs by Jessica Kirste.

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