Sudbury baker Justine Martin adds yet another award to her resume

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She is recognized as the winner of the “Global Round” of the International Wedding Awards

Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop in Greater Sudbury is recognized as the winner of the “Global Round” of the International Wedding Awards for prominent cake decorators around the world.

Winners of the International Wedding Awards will be selected based on last year’s client reviews and wedding portfolio. Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop boasts a 5-star rating on all wedding platforms.

“It was great to work on so many weddings this summer after the pause we all felt in 2020,” Martin said in a press release.

“By working with some clients for over three years, you build such an intertwined, intimate relationship. When you see them finally tie a knot, often three or four times. After the postponement, it is very fulfilling.

“The support we continue to receive from the community does not stop astonishing me. I am proud of the work our team has done in the last four years and we have a special day. Thanks to the over 200 amazing couples who not only allowed us to join us, but also took the time to leave us a review in their busy life and we are It helps to reach more and more people. “

The Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop was also recognized in the local round of the International Wedding Awards near the beginning of 2021.

Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop is not the first Northern Ontario company to win the International Wedding Awards. In 2019, Rebecca Bose Photographer was also recognized for his professional excellence in the local Round Photo division.

Launched in 2018, the International Wedding Awards aims to celebrate the success of outstanding wedding professionals around the world in the local, country wide and global categories.

Internationally recognized for its cake design and decoration excellence, Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop is Sudbury’s original luxury bakery specializing in the creation and catering experience of luxury custom desserts.

From cakes and cupcakes to cookies and macaroons, their specialty baked goods are homemade using the best possible fresh local produce.

Self-trained Martin has been developing custom recipes and honing his skills for six years. For the last three years, I’ve been running the Guilty Pleasures Bakery for three years. Her edible works of art are recognized throughout the continent.

Martin was named Win This Space Top Entrepreneur in Downtown Sudbury in 2017 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce in 2018.

The Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop team came in third in the sculpted cake category at the Pillsbury Bakers Plus Grand Champion Creative Decoration Competition at the 18th Retail Bakers Association in 2019.

Martin co-hosted the Sudbury / Maniturin episode of the LCBO Miniseries 5 Stops aired in October 2019. In 2020, Martin was named Cake Designer of the Year at the Ontario Wedding Awards, and Cake Makers was named Finalist of the American Cake Awards in the Rising Star of Canada category.

In 2021, Justin was the winner of the Best of the Best Cake category in Rent My Wedding Magazine and has already been recognized as a finalist in the Cake Designer of the Year at the Ontario Wedding Association Awards.

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