Ennead Architects designs Wuxi Art Museum to emulate “natural erosion”

New York studio Ennead Architects has unveiled its design for a museum to be built inside Shangxianhe Wetland Park in the city of Wuxi, China.

Called the Wuxi Art Museum, the building will feature perforated surfaces and eroded cavities informed by Taihu stone – a type of limestone often used in traditional gardens in the region.

Aerial view of Wuxi Art Museum
Wuxi Art Museum will be located in a local wetland park

Both the perforated facade and large voids mimic the impact of erosion on the porous Taihu stone.

The pointed limestone facade and translucent glass curtain wall will allow natural daylight into the interior of the museum, while creating a contrasting finish between roughness and smoothness.

Wuxi Art Museum's main entrance
The carved out voids from the museum base form outdoor exhibition space

“Our vision for the Wuxi Art Museum is to place it in a larger overall composition, bringing views into and elevating us from the museum through subtractive notches and recesses, while mimicking the natural erosion of spirit stones,” said Thomas J Wong, partner of Ennead Architects, said.

At the base of the building, the carved out voids will be used as sheltered outdoor spaces for hosting events and exhibitions.

Next to the museum will be a civic square where art will be exhibited. Different gardens, courtyards and plazas will provide flexible space for visitors to enjoy art projections, movie screenings and performances.

Ennead collaborated with West 8 Landscape Architects on the design of the surrounding landscape based on the local wetland ecology and canal system.

Wuxi Art Museum public passage
The design of the structure is determined by Taihu stone with perforated surfaces and eroded cavities

Pedestrian bridges connecting galleries on the upper levels of the museum will create views of a central courtyard with a lily-filled waterscape below.

“The new art museum will serve as a symbol of Wuxi’s past, present and future, so it was important to us that its design emerge from the cultural history of the garden city and artfully integrate art, landscape and the museum experience into ‘ an inseparable synthesizing whole,” said Brian H Masuda, co-principal of Ennead Architects.

Last year, Ennead Architects completed a museum in Shanghai with no straight lines or right angles to reflect the shapes and geometry within the universe. The studio also recently unveiled its design for the Milwaukee Public Museum building in Wisconsin, based on geological formations.

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João Mendes Ribeiro designs Chestnut House as “elegant shelter”

Angular glass walls frame close-ups of a mature tree at the center of the Chestnut House in Vale Flor, Portugal, designed by local architect João Mendes Ribeiro.

Clad in black-painted wood and lined with plywood panels, the residence was designed by Ribeiro as an “elegant shelter” in the rural landscape.

João Mendes Ribeiro designed a house around a chestnut tree

Chestnut House is one of five projects shortlisted in the small building category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

According to the architect, the idea for its design started “from the idea of ​​the place”.

Black exterior of Chestnut House by João Mendes Ribeiro
The Portuguese house has been shortlisted in the 2022 Dezeen Awards

“The reference to ‘genius loci’ sums up the design starting point: the location and the great century-old chestnut tree,” said Ribeiro.

“The main idea of ​​the project was to shift interest from the architectural object to the place and site, so that the context is the starting point of the project.”

Chestnut tree outside small Portuguese house
Chestnut House is clad in black painted wood

Within the volume of 25 square meters, a living area, kitchen and sleeping area all occupy one room arranged around a central free-standing fireplace.

Along the eastern edge, the walls of this space are turned inwards to embrace the existing chestnut tree, which now stands between the house and a wooden deck terrace.

Decorated terrace of Chestnut House by João Mendes Ribeiro
A wooden terrace is outside

Full-height windows frame a view of the tree’s trunk in the living area, creating a close connection between the interior and the landscape that will change throughout the year.

“The geometry [of the home] is broken and strained by the tree trunk and its branches, opening the building to the tree canopy,” said Ribeiro.

“Throughout the year, the house reveals the changes of the seasons and weather,” added the architect. “It is the changing play of nature that determines the life of the inhabitant.”

At the southern end of the Chestnut House, a wooden ladder leads to a small mezzanine level that offers space for an additional bed, while a bathroom is to the north.

Plywood-lined interior of the house by João Mendes Ribeiro
Angular glass walls frame close-up views of the tree

A sloping butterfly-style roof rises on either side of the house, where large windows illuminate the bathroom and provide the mezzanine area with expansive views of the landscape.

Chestnut House is built with a timber structure, lined with oriented strand board (OSB) and cork panels for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Mezzanine bedroom of Chestnut House in Portugal
There is a bed on a small mezzanine level

Interior walls, ceilings and furniture are all finished with plywood paneling that brings a “warm and welcoming” atmosphere to the interior, while minimal fixtures help focus attention on the outdoors.

Many architects try to reduce their impact on natural sites by incorporating existing trees into their designs. In Brazil, Luciano Basso created a raised concrete house around a pine tree, while in Australia, Alexander Symes designed an extension with a terrace that sits in a tree canopy.

The photography is by José Campos.

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Home interior decor tips: Creative ways to decorate your walls differently

Imagine any room in your house; maybe you think about every corner and space except the walls and even though we spend so much time worrying about what’s in between – fussing over materials, furniture and accessories, we forget how powerful walls can be. Blank walls offer tremendous possibilities and a few additions can transform a home into a home with stylish focal points. In fact, the importance of wall art has grown significantly recently.

Interior designers emphasize the use of wall art to improve the appearance of the house because it is one of the best home decor items. With different tricks, one can strengthen their walls, reflecting their personality and taste, regardless of their style.

There are a lot of empty spaces and boring walls, especially in new homes and although most people choose to liven up their homes with printed wallpapers and brightly colored decor, nothing beats the utility and charm of designer wall clocks made of metal or gemstones. It adds a vintage feel to your home and works well with both traditional and contemporary interior designs.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Pankhuri Gandotra, founder and CEO of Writings on the Wall, shared, “While many of us check the time on our smartphones today, a wall clock is still a popular choice for interior designers. and home style enthusiasts Large wall clocks are standard choices not only for their functionality of, well, telling time, but also because they come in a variety of shapes and styles, making them the perfect opportunity to add a bit of artistic flair wise. So, opting for a watch, whether vintage and ornate or modern and sleek, transforms the functional object into a work of art – it’s the beautiful design that will draw your attention, not the time. A beautiful watch can hold its own in a variety of settings, blending in with other decorative pieces on a fireplace or standing alone above any furniture.”

Another way to increase the artistic edge of a blank wall is through unique and attractive wall hangings. They are perfect for bringing life to your home’s walls and from wooden, macrame and metal wall hangings there are diverse options to suit one’s varied tastes. She further adds, “Wall hangings are honest works of art that add freshness and incredible color to a room. They create a sense of calm and tranquility in the spaces they inhabit. The artwork you hang on the wall can be a become a delightful topic of conversation between you and your guests in your home. These lovely living room decor items are pieces of art that can make a big impression on guests and have a positive impact on people who visit your home.”

Pankhuri Gandotra revealed that large wall hangings with abstract art forms are particularly stylish and sought after by interior designers, saying: “Alternatively, smaller wall hangings, which can be hung at different heights so that the full effect is visually interesting, are also a common choice . The smaller ones can all be used together in an arrangement or spread throughout your home, depending on the piece. Wall clocks and wall hangings can make a design statement in any room, from the kitchen to the home office. These functional and beautiful pieces say something definitely about your personality – you are an appreciator and an art lover.”

According to Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, Country Manager – Indian Sub-Continent at Junckers, “Wooden wall covering is as important as the ceiling and the floor of any room. The wooden wall covering adds decor and aesthetics to the entire design and beauty of any room. As a wooden floor installed, we must have a contrasting wood paneling on the walls.. It not only increases the aesthetic value of the room and keeps the room warm in winters and cool in summers, thus saving a lot of energy and low electrical costs.”

Abhinayah Sundaramoorthy, co-founder of The Yellow Dwelling, brought his expertise to the same: “Macrame has a charming vintage appeal to it. Each piece gives your home an incomparable touch of coziness and neutral textures to your walls with its cream macrame twine, string or ropes woven into plant hangers, unique wall art and bookshelves. You can even opt for a colored macrame item for a pop of color in your space. The best part about macrame is its versatility in your home. Be your home a boho retreat or ethnic storm or a mid-century modern classic, there’s a macrame piece for you to add to your wall no matter what the aesthetic.

Ali Akmal Jan, partner at Carpet Kingdom advised: “Whether you’re a conformist or someone who likes to blow things up, try to fill your vertical space with texture, color and warmth. Rugs are the perfect tri -in-one design solution for any blank wall that needs a facelift, it is not only the appropriate decor element that one can hang on their walls to give it a vintage, artsy or bohemian look, but something that has the potential to change the entire atmosphere of a room. The look can vary depending on the color, fabric and style chosen, but it’s sure to be a conversation starter!”


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35 Stunning Modern Basement Bar Idea Designs

Making a modern basement bar is a great way to create an entertaining space in your home. There’s nothing better than kicking back and chilling with friends in your own drinking spot. Since you’re probably looking for ideas to make your basement bar pop, consider each modern basement bar idea listed below, and if you see something interesting, add it to your own.

First, you need to decide on the theme and style of the bar. Whether you want a sleek and modern look or something more traditional, there are many options available.

You will also need to decide on the size and layout of the bar. Make sure there is enough space for guests to gather and relax.

Once you’ve decided on the basics, it’s time to start decorating. This is where you can really let your imagination run wild. Add some personal touches that reflect your personality and style.

Get matching accessories, posters to match your theme and of course the drinks!

Think about what type of drinks you will be serving and choose decorations that reflect that. For example, if you serve cocktails, add some fun cocktail glass decorations to the shelves.

One of the best things about a basement bar is that you can really make it your own. Add your own unique touch and make it the perfect place for you and your friends to relax and enjoy a drink or two.

With a little planning and creativity, you can easily create a modern basement bar that everyone will love.

Modern basement bar essentials


Adding some pizzaz to your basement bar with Displates is always a good look. Mix abstract posters with retro posters to get a cool vibe in your modern basement bar.

Wine fridge

A must-have for any wine lover, a wine fridge will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature.

Mini Fridge

Ideal for storing beer, soft drinks and snacks.

Bar stools

Whether you opt for counter height or bar height stools, make sure they are comfortable and stylish.

Shelving units

Shelving is a great way to store and display your barware and glassware.


If you plan to watch the big game or your favorite show, make sure you have a TV in your basement bar.


Stock up on wine glasses, cocktail glasses and tumblers.

Bottle openers

You need some of these essential bar tools.


Protect your surfaces from water rings with underpants in fun colors or patterns.


Keep some clean towels handy to wipe up spills.


Personalize your space with photos, plants or other decorations.

Music system

Create a relaxed atmosphere with some background music.

Other essential simple basement bar ideas

  • Pool table
  • Sweetball
  • Shuffle board
  • Table tennis
  • wheat hole

A pool table is always a great addition to a custom basement bar if you have the space. If you don’t have that much space, consider games like foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, or corn hole.

These games are sure to entertain your guests all night long!

Wood backyard

Sleek bar nook

Minimalist Home Bar

Casual basement bar design

Gold shelf bar

Bespoke Dream Basement Bar

Rustic Modern Basement Bar Design

Dark wood traditional kitchen bar

Full stack traditional bar

Black reclaimed wood basement space

Luxury Korf shelves

Fully stacked drinking area

Man Cave Small Cellar Bar

Subway Tile Backsplash

High End Design Style Basement Remodel Bar

Blue Wood Cabinet

DIY custom shelves

Open Shelves Bar

Traditional basement counter space

Ultra modern basement bar

Nook Corner Law Bar

Simple Large Basement Bar Idea

Luxury Cool Basement Bar Ideas

Cool Commercial Style Basement Bar

Ultra modern bespoke bar

Luxury Man Cave Basement Bar

Casino / Game Room Style Basement Bar Design

Cool nature-themed basement bars

Cool Cellarwood Bar

Cafe Basement Corner Bar

Laid Back Bar With A Cool Vibej

Additional considerations

A good cellar bar should have a variety of drinks available to its customers. Here are some drink ideas to add to your basement bar:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

If you want your basement bar to be a truly modern space, consider adding some unique and trendy drinks to the mix. For example, you can offer the following:

  • Kombucha
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Matcha
  • Sparkling water

No matter what type of drinks you serve, make sure you have plenty of ice on hand. Ice is essential to keeping drinks cold and refreshing, so make sure your bar is well stocked.

In addition to drinks, your basement bar should also have some snacks available. After all, nobody wants to drink on an empty stomach! Here are some ideas for snacks to serve at your basement bar:

  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Fruit
  • Cheese and crackers

If you really want to get fancy, you can even offer canapés or hors d’oeuvres. No matter what you’re serving, make sure there’s enough food to go around so your guests can eat and drink to their heart’s content.

Finally, don’t forget the atmosphere! A basement bar is the perfect place to get creative with your decor. Regardless of the setting, whether you have a stone wall, sliding doors, you can always liven up the space to look fun and inviting for your guests. Consider adding some fun and unique elements, such as:

  • String lights
  • Neon signs
  • Wall art
  • A pool table or dart board

With these modern basement bar ideas, you’re sure to create a space your guests will love. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your perfect basement bar today!


Basement bars are popular because they offer a unique and intimate experience that can be difficult to recreate in other parts of the home.

They provide a space where friends and family can gather to relax, chat and enjoy each other’s company. Additionally, basement bars can be customized to reflect the personality of the owner, making them a truly unique feature in the home.

Get inspired from the above ideas and start making your own.

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Actor Alexx Ekubo Takes Possession of New Smart Home, Shares Captivating Video of Luxurious Interior Designs
  • Nollywood actor Alex Ekbo is the owner of a new smart home on August 1, with gorgeous interiors
  • The actor shared a video showing the complete internal design of the gigantic structure while thanking God for his new gift
  • Many of the actor’s fans and followers who saw the video wrote him congratulatory messages and couldn’t help but welcome him back.

August 2022 begins in a new dimension with Nollywood star Alex Ekbo getting a new smart home.

The excited actor shared a video of his gorgeous interior design new home on his social media timeline.

Alex Ekubo shared a photo of his new home. Credit: @alxxekubo
Source: Instagram

In a short caption, Alex also added that she thanked and thanked God for her new gift.

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Sharing the video, he wrote:

“New month, new home. Thank you Lord for your new gifts. Thank you.”

See the video below.

Fans celebrate Alex Ekbo’s new home

Legit.ng We’ve captured some of the messages from the actor’s fans and followers.


“Congratulations, Chief Ikukuniem.”

Official Elmsty:

“Congratulations, more prizes to everyone who typed congratulations.”


“It is an almighty celebration. The weight of God’s glory and the honor of His presence overshadow your life, and the earth proves that your new dawn is here. Cheers to your new season.”


“Well done to this girl, Miss Kai. And congratulations to Chief Ikuku…”

Bavarex 0:

“Congratulations onii-chan… ikuquat”

Kayode Peters 1:

“Congratulations. This is sweet.”


“No wonder Fancy Wang gave us a word. Congrats Boss ❤️..”

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Nelson 6131:

“This is top notch.. bro.. any baby that comes to your house, please don’t come to pack her stuff.”

Alex Ekbo celebrates Easter on the world’s largest cruise ship

Nollywood actor Alex Ekbo has sent many of his fans and followers into a frenzy after sharing some photos from his cruise ship.

In a statement, the actor thanked God for the opportunity given him and revealed that he had always wanted to be on a cruise ship.

The Nollywood actor shared the photo on Instagram and wrote:

“I have always wanted to sail around the world on a cruise ship, but now I am sailing to new countries on #WonderOfTheSeas, the world’s largest cruise ship. My God, I am blessed.Which country do you think I will wake up in?♂️ Happy Easter.

Source: Legit.ng

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China’s Largest Chipmaker Copied TSMC’s Chip Designs Say Reports

This is not investment advice. The author does not have a position in any of the listed stocks. Wccftech.com has a disclosure and ethics policy.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s largest chip maker, has copied the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) chip manufacturing design for 7 nanometer chip manufacturing technology, according to a research report quoted by the Taiwanese press. .. SMIC’s 7nm process, which first surfaced in 2020, has become a Bitcoin mining computer. It was demolished by Tech Insights earlier this week, confirming that the company has begun production of advanced semiconductors, and is the largest chip maker in the United States, including the world’s largest Intel Corporation, TSMC, and Samsung Foundry. Shortly thereafter, Taiwanese media reported that the SMIC design reflected the TSMC design, and that the company was still difficult to exceed 7nm.

SMIC’s 7nm Bitcoin Miner shocks the industry, but yields and capacity remain questionable

Due to the nature of the chip manufacturing process, which requires printing small circuits on pieces of silicon, companies need advanced machines that can use light of specific wavelengths to advance their technology. These machines use extreme UV light to print small circuits and are manufactured exclusively by the Dutch company ASML, limiting the quantity that chip makers can order.

7nm technology was first introduced in 2016, and over time TSMC, along with other technologies, began using EUV machines for specific parts of the entire manufacturing process. Currently, Taiwan’s fabs are preparing for mass production of 3nnm process technology, and Taiwanese press claims that SMIC has copied the 7nm design.

A United Daily News (UDN) report quotes an image from a recent TechInsights report that states that a 7nm chip built by SMIC is virtually the same as one built by TSMC. The Bitcoin miners in which these chips were found are from the American company MinerVa.

The 7nm MinerVa chip is manufactured by SMIC. Image: TechInsights

The chip in question is the MinerVa 7 processor, which, according to the company, can deliver 105 tera-hash (TH) per second with a power consumption of 3,300 watts. SMIC is refraining from releasing details about chip manufacturing technology, and MinerVa 7 is the first 7nm product announced by the company.

However, as some researchers and industry insiders cited by UDN have explained, the production of 7nm products by SMIC is impressive, but advanced technologies such as 5nm and 3nm without access to EUV machines. It is unlikely that you will proceed to. In the world of high-end chip manufacturing, Intel, TSMC, and Samsung have gone beyond first-generation EUV machines to get machines with wider lenses. Called High-NA (Numerical Aperture), these machines increase the resolution at which an enterprise can print circuits, resulting in higher yields.

The details of SMIC’s 7nm process were first revealed in 2020 when disgruntled executives wrote a strong-language letter to company management. In his letter, he outlined that the company was on track for 7nm risk and mass production in April 2021. He also shared the technological advances in 5nm and 3nm and outlined:The eight most important and most difficult techniques of 5nm and 3nm were also carried out in an orderly manner. “

Judging in his words alone, a Chinese company may once again surprise everyone by quietly manufacturing 5nm and 3nm products. However, the letter arrived before ASML was under new pressure from the US government to stop selling SMICE UV machines earlier this year. Industry experts also believe that while SMIC’s 7nm progress is remarkable, cmpany yields and production rates remain questionable, as 7nm production also requires some EUV. Media reports also suggest that SMIC lost key executives last year due to a failure to procure these machines.

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Decor Steals is revolutionizing home decor and designs with exclusively curated and designed products.

Decor Steals is the leading 24 hour decorating site offering the best prices on home decor.

Yasmin Mitchell, owner of Decor Steals, is revolutionizing the home decor and design space, offering homeowners exclusively curated and affordable products. Yasmin named the site Decor Steals because it offered steals that people couldn’t find anywhere else.

True to her passion for home decor, Yasmin studied interior architecture and applied that knowledge to help people create their dream homes. Yasmin is making a name for itself in the industry with more and more decorations.

“Our dream is to bring you pieces that are affordable, timeless, full of character (and love). We want to inspire you, make your home meaningful, and turn your room into a reason to stay for a while .”

Due to the popularity of various decorating styles, Decor Steals features farmhouse decor, modern and contemporary styles, and minimalist and industrial styles. To help homeowners find the best style for their home, Decor Steals also offers tips and tricks on the company blog.

“What sets us apart from other decorating sites is our dedication to our work, our mission to design unique pieces, and the fact that our site is a source of inspiration for home decor. All within a budget. We call our product steal There is a reason.”

Decor Steals has grown into a premier source for home decor treasures. The site offers decorative products in various styles. The comprehensive collection makes it easy for homeowners to find the decorative items they need.

Yasmin explains that her love of home decor drives her constant search for the best and latest home decor styles and trends. The site offers daily deals that make it easy for visitors to find products.

Decor Steals offers home decor solutions and products for every home and style. With affordable, high-quality products, Decor Steals has become the first choice of many homeowners. People can place orders from the site and get inspiration for their home decor.

Discover the best deals on home decor and connect with brands on social media for exclusive steals.

Media Liaison
Company Name: decorative theft
e-mail: send email
nation: U.S.
website: https://www.decorseals.com/

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4 things influencing Barclay Butera’s latest furniture and decor designs

ATLANTA — Barclay Butera is launching a new rug collection with Jaipur Living at this week’s Atlanta market, and the veteran designer said it complements several interior design influences he’s incorporating into his latest project.

“The new Oxford collection is elegant and casual at the same time, and introduces hand-woven accents into a range of spaces,” Butella said in an exclusive interview with Furniture Today. “Natural, undyed yarns complement a range of shades and styles and are perfect for modern and traditional homes, while the tight terry creates a lasting accent for living rooms, offices, bedrooms, halls and other high and low circulation spaces and entrances. “

There are currently 15 styles in Butera’s product line, available in a variety of sizes, and all items in stock are available for shipment. Backorders for the new Oxford collection run to the end of July and the end of August, depending on size.

In addition to his rug collection, Butera’s recent interior design projects also pay homage to the lifestyle trajectories of some of his clients.

Here are four concepts that have influenced some of his recent designs:

  • Neo-Traditional – “I have to say that my recent projects do reflect what I call neo-traditional design,” says Butra. “It’s a more mature approach to design, slightly transitional, clean, uninhibited and fresh. My new book, The New Tradition, is the perfect pictorial for this style!”
  • Sophisticated simplicity – “For my clients, while they still love an inviting setting, they know we’re also designing for comfort and livability,” explains Butera. “I see a world where life is simpler and less cumbersome and cluttered, so when clients go home, it becomes a more relaxed and stress-free environment.”
    He added that many of his core clients are now building “forever homes,” creating a need for design curation that combines new home furnishings with items purchased over the years.
  • Calming Neutrals – “I’m known for my blues and whites, but lately I’ve been embracing calming neutrals and muted, slightly faded colors,” says Butera. “You can always add some lively shades to be playful, but classic is where I go, and my clients love the vibe.”
  • Taste of Travel – While many consumers choose to spend their discretionary income on travel rather than at home, Butera notes that these wanderlust translate well to his furniture and decor collections.

“In naming my collection, I tried to evoke a mindset that nothing is more perfectly exemplified than choosing a city where people can close their eyes and dream,” he said. “I’m lucky enough to travel the world and every time I travel I see something that inspires my art, my home decor, bedding or rug collection. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients say ‘I wish I Home feels like I live in it (fill in the blank).

“My latest furniture line with Lexington Home Brand is called Laguna,” Butera said. “Among the picturesque beach towns on the Southern California coast, none are as connected to the arts and traditional charm as the Laguna Beach community. The vibe is stylish yet cozy and classic, and it’s the perfect inspiration for clients and patrons alike when shopping. “

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I’m Cindy Hodnett, Executive Editor of Brand Development for BridgeTower Media’s Home Goods Division. Most recently, I’ve worked in marketing content development, and I’m now working on redesigns for Furniture Today, Home Decor Today, Gift & Decor Accessories, Designer Today, Home Textiles Today, and Home Goods News Put on my editor hat. My first exposure to the homeware trade as editor of the Financial Times in 2012 and founding editor of Today’s Designer in 2015, I am now again working with some of the most dedicated professionals in the industry, Let our readers know about the events, people and companies that impact their business.

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Philippe Starck’s designs are out-of-this-world. Literally

Written by Nick Remsen, CNN

In Brazil’s vast and dense São Paulo, the reclaimed Cidade Matarazzo enlave has emerged as a refined cheap gem.

Cedar de Matarazzo’s refurbished historic building dates back centuries and is becoming the luxury district of retail stores, homes, eateries and the new hotel Rosewood São Paulo, which opened in January. The hotel is located in both a refurbished abandoned maternity hospital with more than 500,000 babies and an elegant new tower by architect Jean Nouvel. The artistic director of the entire project is the mysterious polymath Philippe Starck. But he will be the first to fight this descriptor.

Rosewood Sao Paulo. credit: Rosewood Sao Paulo

“I think of myself as just a maid,” he said in a zoom call this spring. “A maid with a broom. Still, a maid with a broom is always staring at the sky. I want to put my feet in the dust and my eyes in space.”

Born in Paris, Stark speaks with poetic strokes of abstract boundaries and lands with a combination of quirky realism and fantastic statements. The same is true for his extraordinarily huge heritage dating back to the late 1970s.

Starck has created some of the most iconic and eclectic entries in contemporary architecture and design. From flip-flops to toilets, accommodation to office towers, yachts to space stations, he is known for his fusion of futurism, practicalism and surrealism.

"A," In other words, the triple mast sailing yacht designed by Starck feels good.

The “A”, a triple mast sailing yacht designed by Starck, feels in other words. credit: Courtesy of Stark

The thread of connection with Starck’s idea is to rotate the rule on its axis without sacrificing functionality. For example, his popular (and often copied) Louis Ghost Chair, in the shape of a stately Louis XV seat, has been reconsidered as a single type of high-gloss polycarbonate.

Or remember Alice in Wonderland-the sleekness of the Delano Hotel in Miami with huge lobby furniture and huge open spaces (many design enthusiasts have a 2000s boutique with Starck’s early hospitality concept. Claims to have come to define the aesthetics of the hotel).

And then there’s the Sailing Yacht A, Nobiskrug’s Triple Mast Floating Monolith, devised by Starck.

These are three well-known examples, but there are hundreds more.

Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chair. It is a reconsideration of the throne of Louis XV.

Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair. It is a reconsideration of the throne of Louis XV. credit: Courtesy of Stark

Regarding his creative approach across so many different applications, Stark said: The bones of the project are of utmost importance and I have spent my entire life trying to find the square root. ”

However, it is important to note that the “bones” have not been stripped to reveal their appearance. It’s not strict. Rather, it is the basis of a particular attribute of the project and is distilled into the final imaginary form. In São Paulo, it meant “keeping the poetry alive and not kicking it into a sterile place.”

As a result, Stark has become a curator for Rosewood São Paulo, working with 57 Brazilian artists and craftsmen to create over 450 unique works. So “poetry” is expressed through a collective yet guided vision of the nation.

For example, on the premises of the hotel is the restored chapel, which was first built in 1922. Stark has worked with renowned Brazilian artist Vick Munnies to create a new rosette that replaces the building’s original stained glass windows. Rooms feature Starck’s bizarre yet satisfying object mix, including wall-mounted guitars, mid-century Brazilian furniture, Saarinen tables, and warm tones of wood. The enclosed rooftop bar, nicknamed “Grandma’s Room,” is not a wallpaper, but a full-scale custom painting by up-and-coming Brazilian artist Virgilio Net.

Mounted guitars line the walls of the rosewood labod garo bar.

Mounted guitars line the walls of the rosewood labod garo bar. credit: Rosewood Sao Paulo

As he says, Stark is looking into the sky for his next mission. He is designing the crew room for the Axiom Habitation Module, which will be installed on the International Space Station, which will be completed and launched in 2024. The company behind the project, Axiom Space, described the Starck unit as an “egg-like structure.” “It provides” nest-like comfort with unobstructed views of our home planet. “

Modules are almost exclusively practical and serve life-sustaining purposes, but still have a clear Stark principle: neon-colored accents, unexpected manufacturing, and light interactions (though they may be interstellar rays). ) Are all apparent. Again, here he makes the most important part of the utility look quite unique.

“In life, especially if you’re an idea producer, I think you have to avoid the mainstream,” Stark said when asked how he would remain consistently original. “I don’t go to exhibitions. I don’t go to the cinema. I don’t watch TV or read magazines. I work 14 to 16 hours every day. If you go out every night, you Repeat what you heard. I never repeat, I never hear, I never hear. ”

Image above: Axium spacecraft crew dormitory designed by Philippe Starck.


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AI designs place spaceships into paintings of bosch and caravaggio

Artificial intelligence meets Renaissance art

Filipponassetti is a series AI-generated artwork Integrate the spacecraft into the work of the most prominent artists in art history, such as Hieronymus Bosch, Canaletto and Caravaggio.Italian architects and generative designers experiment with a modern form of Midjourney artificial intelligence We need instructions to create the original image and imagination. Nassetti tests the range of new software skills by encouraging paintings in the style of famous figurative artists, including spaceships. Through training in a very large database of historical artwork and images, Midjourney learns the visual language of several historical painters and creates original content that mimics it.

All images created by Filippo Nassetti using Midjourney

FILIPPON ASSETTI produces art through text

The results of Nassetti’s experiments are a collection of almost science-fiction-like interpretations of the world drawn by famous artists. Their unique styles and techniques are well emulated by AI software, and the visual language and mood of the original painting is convincingly reproduced and transferred to create a spaceship. Objects look completely different from scenarios and landscapes in context, but they are stylistically harmonious...

The shape and materials of the spacecraft vary from artist to artist. ‘They are not simply drawn in the style of these artists, they are designed that way’, I will explain Architects and generative designers.. Among the collection of images is Canaletto, a very detailed ship flying over a foggy Venetian lagoon, a dark and dramatic Goya with people in a light aircraft, and a dismantled Futurist. There is Boccioni, a turner blurry in a raging sky full of objects. Piranage drawings with elevations and cross sections.

filippo nassetti's AI design places a spaceship in the painted world of Bosch and Caravaggio

MID JOURNEY takes on the role of artist

“Beyond this collection of images, I think this is probably a very powerful tool for concept design.” It reflects Nassetti. ‘It opens up a very new territory for the quest for art and design, challenging many existing ideas such as the concept of authority and copyright, the relationship between concept and development, and the role of technology. I decided to create these images to discuss ongoing changes and new horizons.

filippo nassetti's AI design places a spaceship in the painted world of Bosch and Caravaggio

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