Talented dog earns more than £15,000 selling her paintings online


The Australian Shepherd has been painting for seven years, getting her most expensive work of art for a whopping £ 360 and selling her work of art around the world.

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Dogs earn £ 15,000 for owners by drawing unique pictures

The talented 9-year-old dog earned £ 15,000 by selling incredible paintings.

The owner, Lisa Kite, 58, began teaching paints to the 9-year-old dog Ivy at the age of two.

After noticing how quickly she picked it up, Lisa began experimenting with different types of paints before starting with watercolors and moving to acrylics.

Lisa, North Carolina, USA, said: She said, “She didn’t take much time to teach me how to draw. She was painting within a week.

“At first, I trained her to drink beer from the fridge to impress when adult children visited, and from there she taught me various tricks.

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Ivy has been painting for 7 years


@ivykitetheaussie / CATERS NEWS)

“She performs basic commands such as sitting, rolling, and shaking, but she learned how to sort laundry, take off her jacket, wipe her feet, and put coins in the bank.

“Currently, we have a two-page spreadsheet with various tricks.”

Australian Shepherd paintings come in a variety of names, from “meringues” to “jungle cats,” and prices vary, with her most expensive work of art selling for £ 360.

Ivy’s most expensive work of art sold for £ 360


Catering News Agency)

Lisa added, “I handed out a lot of paintings, but I sell them all over the world. I’m surprised at how many people want her paintings.”

Lisa isn’t an artist herself, but she loves to see the art created by puppies and sets Monday as the day of the paint. She draws 5 pictures of Ivy at a time.

Lisa donates the benefits of ivy artwork to local charities and local food banks.

She states: “This is fun for Ivy. She is trained with aggressive reinforcements and has a positive impact on the world.

“I’m not an artist, but I love art and learned a lot from Ivy.

“She only adds one color to one picture a week so that we don’t dilute the colors.

“As long as she is busy, she will be happy and we will walk her 5 miles a day on it.

“We donate profits to charities, which are usually animal welfare charities, but also food banks.

“I love the idea that there are dogs working to help other dogs and pets around the world.”

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