Tallmadge Jaycees built 18-foot snowman

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The snowman wasn’t designed to last longer, but it lasted longer than other snowmen.

The 18-foot giant in the Tall Mudge Circle was a spectacular sight for Christmas in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

A big companion wearing a top hat and clasping a candy cane greeted everyone with a friendly smile outside the old First Congregational Church in the heart of the community.

Unlike Frosty, this guy didn’t melt. Unlike Archie, this guy couldn’t speak. Unlike Olaf, this man couldn’t walk.

But during the three holiday seasons, he was a familiar figure in town.

Unless the wind is too strong. Then be careful.

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Tall Madge Jacey, who was in charge of decorating the circle, came up with something special for Christmas 1969.

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