Tang Museum presents new exhibit starting July 9 – Saratogian

Tang Museum presents new exhibit starting July 9 – Saratogian

Saratoga Springs, NY — The Francis Young Tan Education Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College presents “Where Words Falter: Art and Empathy,” an exhibition of Tan collection works that encourage visitors to strengthen their empathic muscles.

The exhibition will begin on July 9th, Tang’s annual community day, and will continue until December 18th. The exhibition will be hosted by Associate Curator Rebecca McNamara and supported by Tang Friend.

Pandemics and social turmoil over the past few years have exacerbated inequality, alienation, and distrust, increasing emotions that are different from distance. WhereWords Falter acts as a counterweight by providing viewers with an opportunity to reaffirm their common humanity through more than 100 recent acquisitions of art, including photographs, paintings, textiles and videos. Is aimed at. It will be screened in Tang for the first time.

Some of these works are:

-Self-portrait of Laurel Nakadate from the series “365 days: Catalog of tears”. The 31 large-format photographs are projected onto three walls, immersing the viewer in intimate, vulnerable, and emotional moments for both the artist and the viewer.

-Noa Eshkol’s “Window to the Night” has earned the artist’s acclaim for sewn from found fabrics and diverting materials such as discarded clothing, fabric scraps and garment factory waste into vibrant new ones. It is one of the wall carpets that are available.

-Erin M. Riley’s “Believe Me” is a tapestry that stretches over 7 x 8 feet and shows scrapbook items or what appears to have fallen from your wallet. Necklace, bubble gum wrapper, newspaper clipping artist’s great-grandmother’s horrific murder in Mechanicville. He was injured by the man who fired the shotgun and died seven days later.

-Lorna Simpson’s “Cloudscape” is a single-channel, 7-minute black-and-white video that whistles slowly in the clouds until the late black artist Terry Adkins disappears.

One of the walls of the exhibition is a salon-style presentation of about 50 portraits created in the 20th and 21st centuries. People of different ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, express different human emotions, and everyone is watching the audience. On the wall are works by artists such as Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, James Berner, Wendy Ewald, Donna Ferrato, Eve Fowler, Nan Goldin, Andrea Modica, August Thunder and Isaac Scott. And, the family photo found is included. Other artists participating in the exhibition include Laura Aguilar, Neyland Blake, Josh Faught, Martin Kersels, Tracey Moffatt and Johnson Sini.

Visitors are invited to participate in the production of the community “zine” by showing their own creative reaction to the exhibition. Secure the exhibition space with materials such as colored pencils, magazines, scissors, and glue. Prompts guide participants through the art production process and provide creative exits for clarifying emotions, thoughts, and information that may be difficult to express. By doing so, people are more involved in the process of empathy activated by the exhibition and can participate in others (as well as friends and strangers) in creating new things.

Don’t miss the next special event, “Where Words Decline: Art and Empathy”:

-July 9th 3:00 pm: Tour with Curator Rebecca McNamara: Associate Curator Rebecca McNamara will lead the tour of the exhibition as part of Francis Day. 1961. Francis Day runs from 1 pm to 5 pm and includes tours, music, art making and cooking.

-July 14 noon: Curator tour with Rebecca McNamara

-October 27, 6 pm: “Where Words Falter” Theatrical Event: In collaboration with the Skidmore College Theater Division, Tang will present three new works by commissioned playwrights at the exhibition. Details will be announced in the fall.

The Tang Education Museum is open to the public from noon to 9 pm Thursday and from noon to 5 pm Friday to Sunday. Tang is the Blue Star Museum, with free admission to active military personnel and their families throughout Labor Day. For more information, please call the visitor service desk (518-580-8080) or visit https://tang.skidmore.edu.


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