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Mumbai: Set by Burihan Mumbai Municipal Authority (BMC) for a January 22 fire in Tardeo’s Satinam Heights (Kamaraville) to take steps to avoid deaths from fire-related incidents in the city A report of the investigative commission was killed. Nine residents proposed to set up a special commission to indirectly regulate the interior design of skyscraper homes.

The report further suggests that interior designers can enroll in this committee, and civic groups can then require high-rise homeowners or occupants to contract with registered designers.

The Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) is a fire brigade called Form-B, a copy of the latest twice-yearly fire safety audits of all 1443 skyscrapers in the island cities (between Colaba and Dadar-Mahim-Matunga).

Buildings that have not submitted this latest form will be notified by the fire brigade to ignore the fire safety regulations. The report suggests that suburban skyscrapers should be checked as well.

In accordance with the Maharashtra Fire Protection and Life Safety Act (2006), it is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of the facility to ensure fire safety. This includes operation riser systems, sprinklers, smoke detectors and fire alarms. Owners or occupants are required to carry out regular fire safety audits by a third-party auditor who visits the BMC and submit Form B to civil society in January and July each year. ..

The report proposes to create a separate cell within the fire brigade that is only responsible for checking Form B submissions and notifying buildings that do not comply with this rule.

Proposals are made in the light of the results of the investigation. It sheds light on the main reason why the fire spread rapidly at the height of Satinum: the flat 1904, completely charred by the fire, was doing interior work on the house with wooden panels and wooden furniture on the walls. ..

Satinam Heights did not submit Form B to the fire brigade and the internal fire system was not functioning at the time of the fire.

“There is no mechanism for BMC to monitor interior design work, and only if there is a complaint, BMC will be notified of the irregularity of such work,” the report said.

Experts say this is easy to manage, but it is imperative that the civilian body distinguish between interior designers and interior decorators. According to experts, aspects of interior design can prove the danger of fire. For example, fake decorative roofs are usually made of POP (Plaster of Paris), but if not done correctly, they can interfere with smoke detectors and sprinklers.

Vilas Nagalkar, Senior Architect, said: The second requires a specific qualification, but the first can be obtained without a qualification. Interior design is an important aspect during and after construction, allowing designers to be empowered. “

The report also states that the building’s electrical ducts are also used for wiring TVs and the Internet, and doors remain open on many floors due to these wirings. Since the door of the electric duct is open, the fire spread to the corridors on the 14, 16, 19, and 20 floors. In addition, combustibles such as wood chips, toys, and wheelchairs were placed in the duct. The report suggests that the doors of the building’s electric shafts need to be flame-retardant against fires of up to two hours.

Citizens’ groups can also come up with a wide range of guidelines and rules on what design / decoration work can be allowed in the house to prevent such incidents in the future, according to experts.



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