Tattoo Titan Frank La Natra Partners with Award-winning Animation Studio to Release NFT Art Collection ‘The Battle Bunnies’

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Miami, Florida – March 11, 2022 – – Food Fight StudioToday, a team of Emmy-winning, nominated and multi-award-winning creators announces a partnership between renowned tattoo artist Franclanatra and his wife Christa Lanatra, 5,000 non-alternatives. Released an exclusive collection of tokens (NFT). “Battle bunny.. “Available only to members of the Discord community.Battle Bunny’s website.. The 300 NFT Genesis Drop will be released on March 26, 2022, and the 5,000 (GEN1) collection will continue later this spring. This imaginative collection will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain, along with proof of ownership as an ERC-721 token.

These first hand-painted illustrations are the brainchild of Florida-based tattoo artist Frank La Natra, who has won over 100 industry awards and has 24 years of professional artist experience. The “Battle Bunny” collection consists of Genesis Drops, limited to 300 pieces, and further 5,000 GEN1 pieces are categorized into 6 pieces. A bunny class with over 400 unique features. They represent the Vikings, Valkyrie, Wizards, Shamans, Pirates, Sparta, the Lost Residents of the Karkayus Continent, and the Guardians of the mysterious water source of Imagnuk Falls. The exact class and characteristics of each bunny are randomly generated and revealed shortly after the mint process. The entire collection is built on the rarity of classes and traits and sets up a table of future game options.

This drop is Phase 1 of the larger planned universe, including the animated series. The creative development of the first episode “Elite Guard” is currently underway, followed by the second episode “Six Waring Clans”. This partnership will support efforts to evolve the world of “Battle Bunny” beyond art into a fully realized story. Notable in the collection, and as part of the engineering of the advanced technical components of NFT ownership, collectors have a level of creativity, including the development of bunny backstory and other elements incorporated into the expanding universe. An opportunity to be involved and to be part of the history of Battle Bunny, where individuals can participate in creative processes not found in other NFT drops.

“NFTs represent a new beginning in the animation industry, opening up endless possibilities for creators to maintain control over their work and fans to participate in the process.” Food Fight Studio founder and founder Johnny Briggs, Chief Executive Officer and Emmy Award-winning producer, said. “This is our purpose partnership as a creator. My team and I are ready to revive with the support of the NFT community that embraces the” Battle Bunny “. “

“I have been privileged to create my own vision for tattoo fans around the world for many years,” said Frank Lanatra, owner of the Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery and Lanatra Art Studio. .. “It has long been a dream to take this new frontier of blockchain to the next level of my artistic ability to create characters in digital space. This partnership between John and his team is for his wife. It represents a new chapter in our artistic journey, building a creator economy with endless and exciting potential, along with Christa’s talents and contributions. ”

The collection will first be available to members of The Battle Bunnies Discord and may then be published on the website. Purchasing an NFT gives members of the closed group access to community-specific utilities and perks, as well as some of the funding offered to OneTree Planted.

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About Frank & Crysta Lanatra

Frank La Natra A well-known award-winning tattoo artist based in Pompano Beach, Florida. He is the founder and owner of the Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery, and is also La Natra Art Studios, a freelance illustrator and character designer. Frank enjoys working with a variety of media and materials, primarily tattoos and digital.

Originally born in Brooklyn, New York, Frank La Natra began her artistic endeavor as a talented bassist shortly after being drawn into the world of tattoos and animation. He attended the School of Visual Arts and the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale, formalizing his pursuit as a professional artist, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in illustration. He is currently involved in the production of his first NFT drop, “Battle Bunny,” extending his love of art to the new frontier of cryptography.

Frank La Natra currently lives in Coral Springs, Florida. During downtime, he spends time with his wife, Crysta, playing video games, and the Star Wars franchise with two dogs, Han Solo and Honey.

Crysta Z. Lanatra A skilled visual and tattoo artist specializing in photography and figurative realism. She is the lead tattoo artist at the Into the Woods Tattoo Gallery in Pompano Beach, Florida, and is co-owned by her husband and creative collaborator Frank Lanatra. In addition to her tattoos, she enjoys working in oil and watercolor media to bring her vision to life.

Encouraged to paint and study at an early age, Christa Z. La Natra graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Illustration in June 2012, seeking formal education from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. .. Her work was exhibited and written, and she was able to attend events such as Tattoo La Palooza in Miami. She enjoys getting inspiration from her own experiences and networks, including her tattoo clients, her friends and fellow artists.

Christa Z. La Natra currently lives in Coral Springs, Florida. When she’s not in the studio, Crysta enjoys watching movies, playing with dogs, and visiting Orlando theme parks.

About Food Fight Studio

Food Fight Studio Is an animation and creative studio specializing in unconventional content production. Launched by an outsider in the animation industry in 2016, the team currently receives multiple awards and awards, including two Emmy nominations and one Emmy award. From short content to documentaries, music videos, concerts, series development, and more, you’ll find lots of work on a wealth of media platforms such as Spotify, BET, Prime Video, MTV, iHeartRadio, and The Apollo Theater.

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