Tehran’s Argo Factory art museum and cultural centre opens

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Tehran’s Argo Factory Complex reinvents brewery architecture for art

The Argo Factory Museum of Contemporary Art & Cultural Center in Ahmadreza Shricker Architecture North (ASA North), located in a redesigned brewery, will be Tehran’s first new art hub in decades.

The first hub of its kind, the Argo Factory Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cultural Center, built in Tehran over 40 years, will be completed and launched in 2020. But due to Iran’s pandemic and the political situation in the region, that’s only now. The team behind it, Iran-Austrian architect Ahmadreza Schricker, the founder of ASA North, and his client, the Pejman Foundation, can celebrate its opening.

The project is to boldly transform the 1920s Argo Factory, a 480-square-meter brewery in downtown Tehran, into a 1,850-square-meter home for art. The magnificent, beautiful and monolithic complex currently spans six gallery halls, auditoriums, libraries, artist residences and event spaces, private studio apartments, retail stores and a VIP observatory. There is also a reissued non-alcoholic draft of Argo. Beer bar.

The architecture team needed to balance the old and new tightrope walks, so the project was partially restored and partly a new build. It was necessary to strengthen the existing foundation (in a completely rebuilt location) and maintain the importance of bricks throughout the complex. At the same time, five new sloping concrete roof structures are in the center, and a new 70 square meter concrete-covered structure accommodates the artist’s living area. “I don’t worship Argo. There are many industrial building twins around the world. I love Argo. In 2017, the factory roof was gone. To respect the old, Five new floating roofs have been placed on top of the remaining structures. Natural light flows in through the articulated crevices between the old and new, and the newly inserted structural foundation already creates a floating architectural “hat”. You can give a different character to your strong personality, “explains Schlicker.

The bricks of the original structure were recycled and reused if possible, but in places where the walls were entirely new, another type of mortar was used to subtly emphasize the difference in duration across the outer panels of the building. it was done. Inside, the exposed brick features of the structure continue all of its glory, providing a tactile yet sufficiently neutral and versatile background for artistic exhibits. On the other hand, the flowing and dramatic 12 m long staircase is an important highlight of the main ground and upper gallery floor, created by the feat of cast-in-place concrete engineering without intermediate support.

Schlicker adds: Tehran. Finally, as a symbolic nod or “tip of the hat”, greet the city welcoming Argo.

Previously at OMA / AMO in New York and Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, he has been active on a variety of scales internationally, with a base in New York and two-sided practices. ASANorth is a more “traditional” architectural practice. Its sister studio, ASA South, operates in a virtual area. Ongoing work in the Asian region by ASA North includes the first new virtual museum for Dubai art collector Mohammed Afkhami, and a 7,800-square-meter cultural center around Saba Manouchehri’s textile collection in Kashan, Iran. Includes master plan. §


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