Tel Aviv’s Gordon Gallery brings contemporary art to an unlikely corner of Jerusalem

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Bait Sapir, a minimalist industrial building in the Gibashaul district of Jerusalem, is the strangest or best possible place for a contemporary art gallery.

But even if the decision to open a branch of Tel Aviv’s famous Gordon Gallery in one of Jerusalem’s less artistic corners was gambling, gallery owner Amony Alive can easily bring space to the capital. I insist.

“There are 800,000 people in Jerusalem. All we need is about 800 clients,” said Yariv, who officially opened the gallery on Wednesday. “you [Israel] There is a museum here. Here is one of my major artists, Pesach Ben Zvi, who will be holding a solo exhibition there next year. “

The Gordon Gallery was first opened in 1966 on Gordon Street in Tel Aviv by Yarifu’s father Ye Shayahu Yarifu and has long been the address of many of Israel’s top artists and collectors.

Change has always been part of the business. In the 1970s, Yalive established the first auction house in a country that played a major role in the development of the Israeli art market.

Amon Yalive stopped the auction in 2001 and turned the gallery’s attention to representatives and publicity of contemporary artists and to expand the gallery’s collection.

They added gallery space by moving from Gordon Street to Kiriyat Hameracha in Tel Aviv to the rough industrial area, and in recent years a sculpture garden.

Amony Alive, owner of the Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv, opened a new Jerusalem site on December 22, 2021 in an unexpected industrial area (courtesy of Gordon Gallery).

Adding space to Jerusalem was what Amon Yalive was familiar with Jerusalem when he first attended the BezAleel Academy of Arts and Design 20 years ago, studied photography and lived near the Machaneh Yehudah Market. ..

“I thought this was an interesting experiment and a way to extend the program,” he said. “All Jerusalems said we were weird.”

Still, it’s not natural to choose Givat Shaul for his gallery. Far west of the city centre, the district is a herd of offices and light industry, dotted with large box stores, discount warehouses, publishers, mechanics, and ultra-Orthodox and Modern Orthodox residential areas. It is sandwiched between.

Along with Oman, the ultra-Orthodox branch of BezAleel next to the new gallery, there are also several artist studios.

The new gallery neighbor attended the opening of the 250 sqm (2,700 sq ft) gallery on Wednesday night. There, a solo exhibition by Israeli artists Ofer Lellouche and Abi Bauri was screened.

One room in a large white space was dedicated to Uri’s black and white drawings and represented by thick strokes with few colors.

The other room is centered around Lellouche’s bronze sculpture “The Hug,” with nine small clay reliefs on the walls that depict various aspects and sides of the engraving process.

Ofer Lellouche’s bronze sculpture “The Hug” stands in the center of one of two solo exhibitions at the Gordon Gallery’s new location in the Gibashaul Industrial Zone in Jerusalem, which opened on December 22, 2021 ( Provided by: PR)

Yariv recently purchased Uri’s work from a collector and said Lellouche’s work was newly cast at the artist’s workshop.

From the outside, the lower Sapir Center is surrounded by three levels of outdoor walkways and a jumble of doors, signs and air conditioning units overlooking a crowded parking lot.

But inside, the gallery is spacious, bright and airy. The thick cement walls and small windows that characterize most spaces in the building are gone.

Yariv asks Salty Architects to take the lead in the refurbishment, removing the industrial façade and replacing it with large windows to get a glimpse of the industrial atmosphere that still exists outside.

Visitors are welcomed anywhere in the space, with two front galleries, a fascinating art book library on white shelves that extend to the ceiling, and a back section where you can browse huge artwork as well as other artwork. .. The eye-catching Ron Arad crushed the car debris hanging on the wall behind the desk.

Tel Aviv’s historic Gordon Gallery opened a new location on December 22, 2021 in the Gibashaul Industrial Zone in Jerusalem. On the wall is a sculpture of Ron Arad’s “crushed car” (courtesy: PR)

“Everything here is different from Tel Aviv. It’s a method of experimentation and expansion,” says Yariv. “I’m going to introduce some new artists, perhaps some Jerusalem artists, but not as a statement, but to show the best art in Israel that I can show, and take the time to work with them. To be able to work together. “

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