Ten refreshing wet rooms with a serene and relaxing feel

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Interior image of a white wet room

This type of bathroom is highlighted in our latest design brochure, with a wet room in an off-grid home in a former stable and a solid white wet room with Hollywood views.

A wet room is a fully waterproof bathroom that usually also includes a shower that is completely flush with the main floor of the room.

Since they are completely waterproof, there is no need for a shower tray or even a shower screen or curtains in wet rooms, as the water can drain directly into the floor.

Wet rooms can maximize the footprint of a smaller bathroom by offering an open-plan layout. Bathrooms in this style can also provide ease of use for people with reduced mobility, as all amenities are usually organized on the same level.

This is the latest in our collection of lookbooks, which offers visual inspiration from the Dezeen archives. See previous design brochures for more inspiration, including a living room with floor-to-ceiling glass, a statement skylight, and a kid’s bedroom with a loft and bunk beds.

Regents Park Loft, UK, Originate

This loft has been renovated in central London by architecture studio Originate as a temporary home for a family who frequently travels to the UK.

Originate created the minimal monochrome interior as a backdrop for the client’s art collection. A damp room in the tower of the building is covered in dark tiles, contrasting with freestanding tubular marble basins.

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Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio by Stonewood Design

Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio, UK, by Stonewood Design

Located in the garden of an English country cottage, Bath-based Stonewood Design outfitted Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio with a copper and concrete wet room.

Distressed copper panelling was used on the back wall of the space, which holds the wet room’s floating concrete sink and shower. The shower and faucet are constructed from a single copper tube protruding horizontally from the copper char wall.

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Ghent Residence by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Ghent, Belgium, Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Exposed earth tones are used in the master bathroom and wet room interior of a home in Ghent designed by Atelier Vens Vanbelle.

Unlike typical wet rooms, the master bathroom is split into two to separate the toilet and sink from the shower and tub. The shower and tub occupy the rear area of ​​the bathroom, completely covered in salmon pink renders.

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Enrique Jerez and Jesús Alonso's house and studio

Spanish house and studio by Enrique Jerez and Jesús Alonso

Architects Enrique Jerez and Jesús Alonso incorporated mint green and white into the interior of the entire home to connect the living spaces with the exterior finishes.

The wet rooms include toilets, showers and sinks, which are organized along corridor-like spaces and installed in mint grey-green tiles. The shower stall is located at the rear and the toilet and sink are separated by a glass shower screen to prevent water from overflowing.

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Nobu Ryokan Malibu by Studio PCH and Montalba Architects

Nobu Ryokan Malibu, USA, by Studio PCH and Montalba Architects

Nobu Ryokan Malibu is housed in a former 1950s beachfront hotel. It was transformed by Studio PCH and Montalba Architects, who created the Japanese restaurant and luxury hotel chain’s first Japanese-inspired retreat.

The interior draws inspiration from Japanese design and combines natural materials with clean, sharp lines. The suite’s wet room features a wooden freestanding tub and overhead shower—both below a wooden beam-lined skylight.

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Daisuke Sugawara's Kiritoshi House

Kiritoshi House, Japan, Daisuke Sugawara

An all-white damp room is interrupted by a square window in this Japanese home designed by Tokyo-based architecture studio Sugawaradaisuke.

The shower and built-in bench are installed next to a white bathtub, which is oriented so that the user can shower and look out from a window located at the base of the unit.

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Ábaton Off-Grid Home

Off Grid Home, Abaddon, Spain

Limestone floors, along with rough stone and concrete, are found throughout this once crumbling stone stable in the western Spanish countryside.

Converting it into an off-grid home, Madrid studio Ábaton wanted to complement the existing stone and wood structure when designing the interiors.

The wet room features a full-height window overlooking the greenery surrounding the house. A solid stone sink is installed next to the overhead shower, connecting the interior to the stone exterior of the house.

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The Middle House of XTEN Architecture

Nakahouse, USA, XTEN Architects

The all-white interior serves as a backdrop for views of the Hollywood Beachwood Canyon Hills and the Hollywood Sign.

The home’s wet room-cum-bathroom continues the stark white theme. Clear lines consist of floating cabinets, mirrored wall units and a freestanding tub placed in front of a full-height square window.

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Vibo Tværveh by Valbæk Brørup Architects

Vibo Tværveh, Denmark, Valbæk Brørup Architects

Valbæk Brørup Architects designed this summer cottage near the town of Nykøbing Sjælland in Denmark.

With the exception of the tiled wet room at the north end of the house, the interior of the cottage is almost entirely pine veneer. In keeping with the pine-clad interior, Valbæk Brørup Architects used wood-toned tiles on the walls and floors.

A glass sliding door separates the wet room from the outdoor bathing area, which can be opened to expand the space.

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Stockholm Apartments, Sweden, Studiomama

Marble tiled walls, floors and ceilings are featured in this wet room in one of two apartments in a converted 1720s loft remodeled by Studiomama.

The bathtub and shower are tucked away in alcoves beneath the sloping ceiling and behind glass screens. Gold faucets, shower heads and fixtures run throughout the room, contrasting with the marble.

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This is the latest entry in our series of Lookbooks, featuring visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archives. For more inspiration, see the previously shown collections for kitchens with social seating nooks, living rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass and living rooms with sculptural furniture.

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